14 Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy, Dry, Staticky Hair! | Frizzy Hair Hacks

14 Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy, Dry, Staticky Hair! | Frizzy Hair Hacks
Do you have frizzy hair, dry hair or staticky hair? I’m sharing 14 ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair or Tame Frizzy Hair in today’s video. These Frizzy Hair Hacks will get rid of frizz, fix staticky hair and treat dry hair issues. All of my tricks on how to tame frizzy hair are cheap or free and super easy to do too! CLICK SHOW MORE⬇⬇


✨Use a Satin Pillowcase! These come in lots of different colors and the cheapest I have been able to find them are over here: http://amzn.to/2llouWC

✨Rusk “SPEED FREAK” Blowdryer (It’s Ionic and will dry your hair freakishly fast!) Cheapest price for it is over here: http://amzn.to/2kLDcmF

✨Clear Eyebrow Gels (These are typically only a few bucks and will last you FOREVER since you barely use any of it on your fly-aways and frizzy hair!) Here are a bunch of cheap options: http://amzn.to/2kLFxy1


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  • Jennifer Lund

    I always air dry my hair and blow dry when it's almost dry… seems to help. I love the satin pillowcase idea. Also, want to try the dryer sheet and eye brow gel!

  • Yolanda Alonzo

    My favorite hair hack was the fabric softener. I always have a problem with static in the winter. I shared your video with my friend, Esmeralda "lala" Miranda and Melissa Alonzo 🙂

  • Lynda Goleman

    I love the hack about using eyebrow gel for flyaways. I have been doing that since you made a comment about it in your hair curling video and it works great.

  • Amber Williams

    I like the lotion tip and have used it myself many times. I am sharing this video with my sister, Alisa Allred. Can't wait for us both to use the Rusk dryer!! 😉

  • jordan price

    My fav hack is baby powder if u run out of dry shampoo and I shared it to my mom because we both have very frizzy hair so btw this video helped A Lot!!!!!

  • Jalise Hansen

    Love this! One of my favorite hair hacks ever is the eyebrow gel/clear mascara! I've been doing that for years now! I like and shared this with Jeanna Graham!

  • Amanda Anderson

    I use Redkens All Soft conditioner. It helps a lot! I love the dryer sheet over a brush idea. Definitely going to try that. I have super static-y hair…especially in the winter.

  • Bonny Miller

    I started last month to not wash my hair as much and as you said just condition . And I've been doing the lotion to my scalp forever just a pea size to moisturize massaged into scalp and what's left on my fingers on the ends – also leaves nice scent to my hair.

  • LulluBelle28

    My favorite hair hack would be heat less curls. I cut up strip from an old t-shirt and roll up strands of hair the tie them up. When you wake up in the morning you have fabulous natural curls!!!

  • Lindsay Jorgensen

    I love the eyebrow gel trick. You mentioned it in one of your other videos so I gave it a try and it totally worked. Thank you!

  • Jeanna Hinton

    I love the clear mascara hack. It's so easy to bring with me in my car/ or purse. Jalise Hansen shared this video with me. Thanks Melea, I love all your life hacks and amazing deals

  • OurHappyFam

    I use argon oil to pat my fly aways down! Love the eyebrow gel trick 😉 I shared this video with my husband so if I don't win he will know which blow dryer to get me for my birthday 😉

  • Joy Bickell

    my fave hair hack is laying a tee shirt on the bed, flipping my hair on it upside down, flipping the sleeves over my wet hair and rolling my hair up in it to sleep in all night (with Moroccan oil) to let dry. it's hard to explain but it works great and I just have to hit a few spots in the morning with a curling iron! 😁

  • Maggie Reid

    What changed my hair was switching to air drying. Yes, it takes hours and hours (I have super thick hair) but it was so worth it, it reduced SO much frizz and "poufiness". I would highly recommend it, I haven't blow dried my hair for years and don't even own one anymore.

  • mustacheforever68

    My favorite hair hack is to use dry shampoo before I go to bed. Sometimes, I will apply too much dry shampoo right before I have to leave, and my hair turns white! Whereas, the dry shampoo will work itself into my hair overnight, resulting in clean, healthy-looking hair.

  • Shawnee Burt

    My favorite hair hack is dry shampoo to keep my hair going without washing everyday! I emailed ''tis to my sister Shante' so we can both hopefully get one!

  • Emily Padilla

    I started washing my hair twice a week as well and it has definitely helped to keep my hair moisturized and less frizzy.😊😊 I shared this with my bestie Nelly Avila. Thanks for the tips Melea!.💖💖

  • Maira Medina

    It's really rare for my hair to get frizzy but when it does I always add a little lotion like you mention, but growing up once a month my mom would rub mayonnaise into my hair and leave it for an hour. I've never asked her why¡!

  • Lisa Davis

    My FAVORITE hair hack… when it gets really cold and dry in Utah and my hair starts to freak out with static I move to Puerto Rico for three months. Sorry that's not a very practical hack so just try sleeping with a HUMIDIFIER in your bedroom.

  • Kimbra Cooke

    Oh and I shared it with Cesiley hancock! Plus I also use your tip of letting my hair be mostly dry before using the blow dryer or styling it

  • Carmen Hughes

    I only wash my hair 2 times a week. And once a week I use a special conditioner. I also use leave in conditioner and a conditioning oil every time I wash my hair. My hair is my best feature. ☺️

  • snooooopycomehome

    Love your channel Melea. I have thick curly kinky hair. My favorite frizzy hair hack is unrefined coconut oil. Put on plastic shower cap, stand under hot water while washing rest body. Sleep with shower cap on with in silky pillow. Rinse out hair throughly in morning. Shared your awesome video with my BFF Stephanie. We would love to win the hair dryers. Love from PA.

  • Shelley Barnes

    My favorite hair hack is using lotion to get rid of static. I have done this for years when I'm out and about and is the only thing I have. I shared this with Kellie Sheets.

  • Christine Razo

    I love your videos thank you!I would love to enter the contest but I'm not sure how maybe so day you could do a video for people like whom are not so smart with phones ,we are able to enter your contest and others thanks again!

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