16 Things to Know About Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout & Summer of Heroes at Disneyland!

16 Things to Know About Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout & Summer of Heroes at Disneyland!
Just got a SNEAK PEEK and Preview of the Guardians of the Galaxy Ride & Summer of Heroes at Disneyland! So I’m sharing 16 things you need to know about the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout Ride & Summer of Heroes BEFORE YOU GO! I don’t want you guys to miss anything and there are a lot of things we learned on our recent trip that will definitely help you save some time and get to actually meet Groot at Disneyland. Not only that, but we have an EXCLUSIVE deal to Disneyland just for the people who watch this video! WOO-HOO! And a $50 Giveaway! Details below.


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  • Celina Jensen

    The thing I am most excited about too see or The next time I come to Disneyland or Disney World is meet groot and ride the guardians of the galaxy ride all six times so I can get every experience on ride #igstoryfam

  • Sheri Sandlin

    I am so excited to go on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride! :-)  Thank you for the FastPass suggestion.

  • Kristy Pearson

    I'm excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. My kids said they'd actually ride it. They wouldn't ride Tower of Terror because of the ghosts and electric shock. That freaked them out too much.

  • Melody Forsyth

    Can't wait for the Avengers training. My kids areGonna flip over it!! They will be very excited to see Captain America.

  • Tiffany Leifsen

    I really want to see Cars Land and Guardians of the Galaxy! My kids and husband haven't been so I think I am most looking forward to sharing it with them.

  • Tammys Invisible Life

    My husband and I are planning our first trip to Disneyland this fall, and I'm most excited to see Sleeping Beauty castle and the Alice in Wonderland ride! Those are my favorite classic Disney movies but we don't have them at WDW. I'm still kind of bummed about Tower of Terror being closed, but I'm still interested in seeing it now that it's Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Rachel Roundy

    I'm hoping to go in the fall for the halloween stuff. fingers crossed for Guardians inspired stuff.

  • Lisa Castro

    Thanks Melea! I'd loved to see Spider-Man because my almost 8 year old's birthday is in the summer and he loves Spider-Man ❤️😊 Good luck everyone!

  • Sameeha Fashionista's Stop

    I would love to see black widow and go on the guardians of the galaxy ride the next time I go to Disney

  • Oksana Chubachuk

    Me and my family are planning a trip to Disney Land this year, so it's hard to pick only one thing…. cause we never been there.😂Guardians of the Galaxy looks extremely fun, and of course meeting all Marvel heroes is bonus too. I hope my son won't be to scared to go on with us, he is 5 , how well Rockwell does it?

  • Nicole Sant

    I was skeptical of the new guardians of the galaxy ride because I am a huge tower of terror fan, but I'm excited to go back and try it!!

  • Holly

    My son would love to see Spider-Man and my hubby loves everything marvel. This looks so neat thanks for showing us!😀

  • Christine Wiguna

    I'm excited!!!! This summer break i'm going to Disneyland, and I would like to see Captain America & Spiderman, because my boys love super heroes!!!!! yay…. thank you Melea!!!!

  • Lindsay Jorgensen

    We definitely want to see the guardians of the galaxy ride. I can't wait to see how different the ride itself is.

  • Jessica Willes

    Next time we go to Disneyland I'm most excited to see Groot! Hands down! I think I'm more excited to get a picture with him than going on the actual ride!

  • Alicia Mathot

    Can't wait to go on the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland! My next trip is actually Disney world so I'm hoping it will be open there! We are going to celebrate my father in laws 71st birthday, and all he wants to do is see the new Pandora (Avatar) world at Animal Kingdom, so hopefully that will be awesome too! Thanks for all the tips and deals, Melea! #igstoryfam

  • Sydney Lund

    We are excited for our trip in Sept. to see the new ride! my daughter doesn't know the superheros so she is still excited to see princesses more, especially Tiana because we missed her last time we were there two yrs ago

  • Kiersten Moore

    Love all things Disney at our house! I am so excited to go this year to get a dole whip, my favorite!!

  • keshiajohnston

    We will be there in December. The guardians of the galaxy que looks awesome! Definitely excited to experience the new ride 😀

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