9 Cold and Flu Hacks to Get Better Fast! | Plus, Sick Remedies for Kids!

9 Cold and Flu Hacks to Get Better Fast! | Plus, Sick Remedies for Kids!
Sharing our family’s 9 Cold and Flu Hacks today–including sick remedies for kids that really work! Since my kids are really sick right now, I knew it was time to share our sickness hacks and how to get over a cold or flu fast! So if you want to know how to get rid of a cold, these cold and flu remedies will totally help!


✨Saline Nose Spray (Found at any Drugstore, Walmart or Target)

✨Nasal Appirator (The Medical Grade ones work the best!)

✨Liquid Vitamin D http://amzn.to/2lKFeH3

✨EmergenC Packets (Found at any Grocery Store, Drugstore, etc)

✨Culturelle (Found at any Grocery Store, Drugstore, etc)

✨Zarbees Cough Syrup (Kids 12 months and older can use it!!) You can find it at Drugstores, but it might be cheaper here: http://amzn.to/2mhJ4FF


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  • The Melea Show

    Would love to know remedies YOU use for Colds and Flus that totally work! COMMENT BELOW and share so we can all get better faster the next time we are sick!

    • Amanda Owens

      Neti pot is great for clearing congestion but requires practice. Dextromethoripan is good for if you have a dry cough. Mucinex will break up chest congestion. Oh raw garlic is great as well, and raw garlic.

    • zeen k

      The Melea Show at home we usually take steam.. would recommend to put one o two drops of eucalyptus oil in the water and take steam.. helps clear cold.in India also the famous tRick is to drink turmeric milk.. one tea spoon of turmeric in milk at night Also boiled eggs with a lil black pepper at night also helps.. atleast thats what we do.. helps me

    • zeen k

      The Melea Show Also to soothe cough, just take one clove and ask your kids to just press it in between their teeth, not to bite but just mildly chew.. helps a ton.. just try once..

    • Tito Alpaca

      A good orange juice with starwberry and guaba is really good! Put everything in the blender and even put some mint on in!

    • Nora r

      for a cough, I use homemade onion and honey syrup as well as homemade elderberry syrup. knocks the cough right down.

    • Vicky Stats

      The Melea Show Thank You for the ibuprofen tip and the vitamin D tip. It is cold season and a lot of little kids around here have colds that are turning into pneumonia. So sad! Totally using these tips and we use an essential oil distiller that helps the air be moist in their air along with breathing better at night. 👍

    • Mike Horn

      I didn't know that about fever medication for kids but i do know babies can't have ibeprphen until a certain age. Emergency i have never tried so thanks so much and love the natural medication for kids. Love all these ideas for sure will try as we are all sick with colds right now. $

  • two hearted

    essential oils works great! I give my kids 100%juice Popsicles when sick. It helps to keep them hydrated and good for sore throat. I hope everyone feels better soon! We just got over being sick in our house 🙁

  • Sarah Hawkes

    My husband puts Oregano Oil on the bottoms of his feet. I put Vicks on my kiddos feet and cover with socks before bed and it works AMAZING!

  • Andrea Parrish

    I like what I call "onion water" I do NOT like onions. Onions are great for naturally fighting off sicknesses. To make: slice and onion like your making onion rings. Put water in a pot thrown in the onions and bring to a boil. Pour the water into a mug and drink it. It will obviously be hot so be careful but it works every time!

  • Nicole Quincy

    Man, this year is the worst for sickness!! My oldest has had a fever since Monday! We finally went to the doctor today and it was Strep. And a virus. So far it's just her and I'm praying it stays that way! I've been diffusing OnGuard everyday. She won't take hardly any meds, so I've been putting peppermint oil on her neck and spine, and an ice pack. Lots of popsicles, including the pedialyte ones! Hopefully the antibiotics kick in and she perks up!

  • TheManhands1

    In addition to Zarbees, we do the Vicks' Vaporub on the bottom of feet and cover with socks and/or hot water with honey and lemon for coughs! The drink also helps soothe sore throats. To keep germs at bay, keep all towels on a daily rotation and make sure no one is sharing them and spray doorknobs and faucet/toilet handles with Lysol disinfectant multiple times a day!

  • Katie Musch

    Saje immune roll on stick. Roll it on your throat, chest, and back of the neck. Works with colds flus and sore throats! Love it

  • Marisa Humble

    Hi Melea…Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup always worked for my family. Pedialyte popsicles are fun for kids. Also, make sure everyone in your household gets the flu shot. Get well soon! My prayers!

  • Carmen Hughes

    Everyone should be taking epsom salt baths. It helps your body detox. And if you're into essential oils the on guard from Doterra is awesome.

  • KE Disbrow

    In my family, we gargle with vinegar water to sooth and heal a sore throat. It works really well, and the ingredients are always on hand. Just fill a small glass with a half cup of water, then splash in a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Take a tiny sip, and if it's too strong, add a little water to taste. Gargle two times, each time spitting out the mixture. Lastly, take a tiny sip and swallow. Repeat this procedure a couple times a day until your throat is healed. The mixture will last a few days depending on how much it's used.A word about the flu that is going around this year–influenza A, the one that is often accompanied by pneumonia. DO NOT take this flu lightly! It can KILL you. Over 200 people have already died of it in my state. This flu was not in the flu shot that they gave out this year. Influenza B is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting and isn't any fun, either, but the A strain is seriously dangerous. So, beware!I am tough, but I got influenza A, and it was HORRIFIC. I had a fever and was BEYOND miserable for a couple days. I felt like I had been beat up, ached all over, had awful headaches. I had to sleep reclining instead of flat cuz all the phlegm in my system caused gagging and coughing which woke me repeatedly all night long. The smart thing was I got myself to the doctor the next day. She gave me TAMIFLU and in just 24 hours I went from feeling on death's door to merely being sick as a dog. It was AMAZING! The doctor couldn't hear anything in my lungs but had me get a chest x ray to be certain, and they found signs of pneumonia. So, I got an antibiotic, as well. Even with all of that, I'm still not 100% again and it's been better than three weeks.Good luck! I hope you're all well soon!

  • Otto Tieleman

    Please, please, ,never make "getting a needle in your arm" a bad thing. If they need an injection tell them what it is, tell them it hurts but don't EVER make them scared.I worked with a guy in the army who was scared for needles in a very bad way. He passed out with every injection he got.I need to have injections weekly and I do them myself. You never know what happens in the future so please be smart.

  • Debra Kelly

    Throat Coat tea is a must for a sore throat. Ginger tea helps me with stomach aches. I also load up on raspberry tea a couple weeks before my period because it really helps with cramps. If I have a fever, a tepid bath helps bring that temperature down. If my sinuses are a mess I take a hot, steamy bath. For body aches I dump a couple of cups of Epsom salt in a hot bath. The second I feel myself getting sick I suck on the zinc cough drops. They don't taste the best, but they work!

  • Erica Fish

    kinds weird but when my kids are sick warmed up tang (like the powder oj stuff) is one of the only things they will drink. so I always have some on hand. I also Lysol door knobs, light switches, couches and common surfaces like crazy from the first sniffle to try to keep germs at bay.

  • Larisa Elder

    My MIL makes something called Dragon juice which is orange juice, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey, lemon.  Also warm pineapple juice soothes a sore throat

  • Audra Granath

    Thank you so much for all of your tips. I am for sure going to try them next time I get sick. I think I will try the Vitamin B drops. I've heard good things about them. Anyway, some of my remedies are when I was a little girl my Mother always rubbed Vicks on our chests & then put one of my Father's white cotton t-shirts on me. To me that is so soothing. In fact I just got over the flu & bronchitis a week ago & I asked my husband to get me some. It just felt so nice & soothing. Also I put it on the bottoms of my feet & then put white cotton socks on. I hate socks on my feet unless I'm putting my shoes on but I tolerated it cuz it actually helps with the coughing. Also hot baths & a humidifier so wondersOur doctor told us that a fever isn't necessarily a bad thing unless it's high (over 102) because a fever is your bodies way of getting rid of all of the nastiness in there that is making you sick. So if it goes on for a day or 2 it's fine but if its over 102 & not coming down with Ibuprophen then the doctor needs to be called. I found also that drinking plain water wasn't doing it for me so drinking Smart water or Pedialyte worked much better to replace to electrolytes. It works a little better then plain water. Also it sounds old fashioned but it actually works & that is chicken soup. Nothing better then a nice hot bowl of chicken soup when you're sick. My friend always makes Menudo when her family is sick. It's a Mexican soup. She had me taste it and it was really good. She said I'm not telling you what's in it though lol. I looked it up & I'm glad I didn't know but now it doesn't bother me cuz it's actually really tasty. Thank you again for your tips. Its over a month since this video so I hope your family is better by now. Have a great day.

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