Be Prepared: 3 Important Food Tips for a Hurricane, Tornado or Earthquake!

Be Prepared: 3 Important Food Tips for a Hurricane, Tornado or Earthquake!
It’s so important to be prepared for Natural Disasters like a Hurricane, Tornado or Earthquake. Part of that is knowing how to choose the right food storage that tastes good! There are 3 important tips you should know when purchasing long-term food storage or your emergency food supply. Plus, the first 1,000 people to fill out the form below will get a FREE Sample of Rainy Day Solutions’ Food Storage Meals! If you miss the freebie, still fill out the form here so they can email you a 20% off site wide coupon.

3 Tips When Purchasing Long-Term Food Storage:

Tip #1- Make sure you pick a long-term food storage option that lasts 25 years or more.

Tip #2- Make sure you pick a long-term food storage that is very easy to make and water is the only ingredient needed.

Tip #3- Make sure you choose the best tasting food storage possible that your kids would actually eat!


Rainy Day Solutions has a lot of different food storage options. You can find them all here:

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  • Heidi Wilcox

    WE have a kind of long-term storage. We have wheat, beans, rice, sprouting seeds…etc. I do want more in my food storage that is easy to prepare like the ones you are testing out!!!! Thanks!

  • Cassie Hale

    We have a 72 hour kit and a one month food supply storage. I would love to have tips on creating a long-term food storage.

  • Kristy Pearson

    We don't really have a long term food storage other than food we use regularly. We always stock up on rice and beans so we would use those in the event of an emergency. We buy a 25lb bag of rice from Costco and store in a large container and have tons cans of all types of beans. The obviously have expiration dates but we use and rotate what we have on hand of these foods.

  • Kristen Gibby

    We have a 72 hour kit but I think it needs to be updated since we have had two kids since we got it! we don't have space for much storage, so ideas for that would be welcomed! also, what we really need is I think a solution for water. it takes up so much space to store but it is like the most important thing..

  • Jennifer Morris

    I really haven't started any emergency food supply or kit yet but know I need to. I would love more tips on how to get started

  • Sheri L

    We have 72 hour kits. And are working on our long term storage. My favorite thing in our kits the card games so we won't go crazy while we are waiting wherever we end up.

  • Rachel S

    We have 72 hour kits and about 6 weeks of storage. I would love affordable solutions for gluten free food storage.

  • bstander1

    we have a year supply with daily bread products as well as canned goods. we need help with our 72hr kits and storing water.

  • Lindsay Holmstrom

    We have 72 hour kits. I would LOVE to get a year supply for my family. For sure a top priority for me this year

  • Rachel Howell

    We are currently working on all. We move very frequently (as in every two years) with work so our hardest is the long term storage but these look like an awesome solution, being that they are light small and not as big as the #10 cans.

  • Lana Slater

    We have partial 72 hr kits for me and my husband but nothing for either of my little ones. We have some long term storage but I'm sure we could use more. Also, working on the short term.

  • Wendi Ormsby

    I have a 3 month supply of food storage basics (oats, powdered milk, rice, beans, red wheat), I also have a small, incomplete 72 hour kit. I live in a 1200 sq. condo, so not much room for storage. Any Organiztional tips for food storage/small homes videos would be wonderful. Thanks

  • Suzzanne G

    We have long-term and short-term food storage. I need to work on our 72 hour kits!! Any tips would be great!

  • Sharlynn Dunyon

    We have long term food storage and 72 hour kits. Always need more help with water storage/filtration. I really love freeze dried food!

  • Stefanie Nuttall

    We have a 72 hour kit, but I think we need to rotate somethings in it. Its is hard having long term food storage in an apartment so we have a small food storage.

  • Stacie Crouch

    We have 72 hour kits, but could be replaced. We also have food storage that last 25 years. We are also working on storing more water.

  • 4th Ward

    We have 72 hour kits that we rarely update! It's terrible! We have a short-term food storage– probably last us about 2 months. We load up on cereal when it's on sale because that is something that our family could really live on.

  • Andrea Larsen

    We have a small long term storage, but would love to know how to actually cook with it and have it in cycle

  • Krystal Dong

    We are currently working on our long term food storage. Things you don't think about like old and seasonings are something I am trying to figure out how to get a longer shelf life.

  • 808nans

    We have a tsunami/hurricane 5-day kit. A long term kit makes sense living in the islands but not sure what to pack besides food.

  • Abbi Kennedy

    I do not have a lot of food storage. I do have a wheat grinder. I have a lot of blankets that I say are my food storage….although they probably won't taste very good!

  • K Adams

    We have massive amounts of the long term storage that doesn't fit your easy category (like wheat, rice, etc.) and recently invested in the dehydrated food. Love the peace of mind it gives to have it! Now I just need to go through my giant pile of 72 hour kits stuff and actually put it in the bags. I would love any suggestions you have for kids' 72 hour bags.

  • Alexa Marshall

    I don't have food storage :/ Thanks for the video because I will for sure work on it and hope to get a free sample!

  • Melissa Hobson

    We have 72 kits and I'm continually working on our long term food storage. Times are getting scarier and I'm feeling the need to get it done!

  • Laura Doty

    We kind of have some short term food storage? We're broke college students with a baby in a rental… I'm not sure how feasible it is to do long term storage. We do have some water storage started, though.

  • Shanty

    We have long term and short term food storage. The one I have the hardest time with is 72 hour kits. I make them and then they expire or go bad and need to be updated. I would love more options on 72 hour kits.

  • Melissa Beckstrand

    We have a bucket from Emergency Essentials that would last our family 72 hrs., but no long-term food storage. We desperately need help!

  • The Melea Show

    Thanks to everyone for participating tonight! It was fun! The winner sof the $10 Amazon Gift Cards are: +Cristina Jackson +Jennifer McClain +Wendi Ormsby +Amelia Hill +Jody Bitton

    And the Grand Prize Winner of the Disneyland Tickets is +Tatiana Southam. All winners have been replied to directly in the comment section so they can claim their prizes.

  • Suzanne Coulliette

    we have four 72 hour backpacks. a 72 hour duffle bag. some #10 cans. I would like to get a 3 month supply of food storage for the whole family.

  • Marisa Hollingsworth

    We have some long term food storage but need to build up more since we have had another baby. Plus, we need a 72-hour kit for that new baby as well!

    • Laura Doty

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