Best DIY Teacher Gift Ideas on a Budget for the End of the Year!

Best DIY Teacher Gift Ideas on a Budget for the End of the Year!
I know that Teacher Gifts can get expensive. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite Teacher Gift Ideas on a Budget! Teacher Appreciation Gifts don’t have to cost a lot. In fact, most of these Teacher Gift Ideas for the end of the year are $5 and under! So they will definitely help you say THANKS without going over your budget.

🌟PLEASE comment below with the Best Teacher Gifts you have received (if you’re a teacher) or have given to teachers in the past! Let’s create a huge list and resource for all of the moms out there to say THANKS!

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  • Laurel Oda

    I've given Target gift cards in the past and/or something homemade. I love the Redbox gift card idea! I think I'll do that with some of my kids specialized teachers. Thanks! #IGStoryFam

  • Cheryl Van Wagenen

    When I taught I loved it when I got gift cards or something really personal- like the kids knew I loved owls or books and they would draw a picture of something like that. #igstoryfam

  • Jessica Ludlow

    I haven't had to do teacher gifts yet since we don't have kids yet, but when I taught swim lessons and singing groups getting a gift was always so nice! I think the best teacher gifts are something that show you know the teacher well. So find out what the teacher loves: candy, food, color, etc. as a teacher I always loved getting snacks/candy. And putting a cute little printable with them makes it cuter. And ya like you said, gift cards are always soooo nice! Great ideas Melea! #igstoryfam

  • Tabitha O'Neal

    As a teacher, I love love love handwritten notes. Gift cards with cute handmade "packaging" never fails!! And we ALWAYS need more supplies. Don't stress out over it though. We are always just glad to be thanked.

  • Masey Eyre

    I just did really cute water bottle of the teachers favorite colors and filled them with candy and nail polish and eos and some other stuff. they loved it. #igstoryfam

  • Sevina Wood

    I just saw today someone gave there teacher a flower plant that they can plant in their flower garden. They wrapped the pot section in brown paper wrap and put a cute twine bow around it. It was super cute and the teacher with have it forever in their garden. #IGstoryfam

  • Brie B

    I'm a middle school English teacher, and I can't thank you enough for pointing out how much some (can't say all) teachers ARE there for your kids. I'm a big sister, aunt, mom, mentor, counselor…you name it, to so many of my students. I know they appreciate it, but to hear that parents notice that too means the world! THATS the best gift: appreciation 💓💓💓

  • Nicole N

    I've done all of these for my kid's teacher's. I think it's important to let them know you appreciate what they do! I always make sure it is something useful and/or heartfelt #IGStoryfam

  • Michelle Gibson

    #igstoryfam. melea I'm writing this igstoryfan and I've watched your stories but I'm still not familiar too well with Instagram so I'm still a little confused. however hopefully I'm entered into your drawing. not sure about the second one. I think I might be brave and do the school supplies cake for one of my kids teachers. in the past I usually buy my teachers Bath & Body Works Christmas totes and save them and stuff them with candle, hand and body soap, body spray, lotion, and a card sometimes with or without a gift card. Sometimes I just give gift cards with a card most of the time It's a homemade card from the child.

  • Katie Wood

    I generally do gift cards because it's easiest for me and I always worry about getting something the teacher doesn't like or has too much of. I've done movie theater passes (hubby gets a discount at work), Cold Stone (discount at Sam's Club), and Starbucks. #igstoryfam

  • Hilary Booth

    I am getting my daughter's teacher a gift card. For her speech teachers I got starbursts (she is working on the "s" sound) with thank you cards from both of us. #IGstoryfam

  • Natalie 1992 Hernandez

    When I was in school I never thought of a end of the year gift nor did that cross my parents mind. Now that I have a child that will definitely happen. Teachers are great human beings.

  • Sandra P

    I do a good gift card with their favorite drink and candy for teacher appreciation . Considering that was just a bit ago , I don't understand another gift for end of year. I'm new to this since I have a kindergarten kid. I thought teacher appreciation week was when they should get gifts. Am I missing something?

  • Nicole Quincy

    I did the movie idea of my son's buddy/teacher at preschool. She's a high school senior, and I get the impression she doesn't have a lot of money, so I did some of the dollar boxes of candy and a movie theater gift card and printable that said she deserved a Time Out. We also threw in a necklace of a small heart because my son loved her so much. I've done Applebee's gift cards before, like a twist on apple for the teacher. My daughter's teacher will be getting a heart necklace as well(Jane had them for like $4 each) and a #teacherlife shirt, and maybe a Starbucks card since the shirts says something about coffee. I've done nail polish with candy in a cup and a tag that said 'mani' thanks. #igstoryfam

  • Celina Anderson

    My daughter isn't in school yet but my auntie would have he teachers answer some questions about themselves for her and for I to know and when it is they're birthdays or the end of the school year we would know they're favorites.

    We would usually do a candy apple of they're favorite candy. And then it really depends on the teachers likes

  • Lesia Contreras

    My daughter is about to start preschool this year. But I think the most useful idea is gift cards. I especially love the little cute "movie basket" with some snacks and a movie gift card. So the teacher can have a day off and enjoy a movie with a friend👍🏻😊 #IGSTORYFAM
    The notification didn't come off this time for some reason😫

  • Jennifer Leavitt

    My sons teacher is moving right after school is out, to a different state. We got her gift cards to help with her move. We also get yummy treats from a specialty boutique, they have the best Carmel apples that I usually get them. #igstoryfam

  • Tifany Mack

    My son's teacher was absolutely amazing so I got her a Pandora apple charm and thank you card. I also had my son write her a thank you. I got a hallmark ornament at Christmas time as well. #igstoryfam

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