BIGGEST Back to School Giveaway in the World! (2017 OPEN INTERNATIONALLY) + School Supplies Haul!

BIGGEST Back to School Giveaway in the World! (2017 OPEN INTERNATIONALLY) + School Supplies Haul!
Who is ready for the BIGGEST Back to School Giveaway in the World? As promised, I am doing a 2nd HUGE Back to School Giveaway for you guys in 2017! And this Back to School Giveaway is open internationally too. Sharing my back to school supplies haul and three of you will win it in my biggest back to school giveaway ever!

This video IS NOT sponsored. I actually purchased all of these items with my own money to give away to you guys as a THANK YOU for following and supporting my channel!😘😘

🌟TO ENTER: You MUST go through this link and follow the directions ➡➡ ⬅⬅ There is no other way to enter. Winners will be announced in 3 weeks, on August 22nd, 2017. Winners will be emailed directly and I will announce the winners here in the YouTube Description and in the comment section below. GOOD LUCK!

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  • Jess Clark

    OMG I would love to win my birthday is on the 22 and I don't have any school stuff yet I didn't win the last one either I LOVE YOU

  • Cristal Martinez

    Hi i would love to win!! My favorite teacher was Mrs. Peterson she was always down to earth and took time explaining everything. The item am most excited for are the note books they are so beautiful!! ….. Oh and the makeup!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Alissa t

    My favorite teacher that I ever had would have to be Mrs.Ewing. She was my exploring jobs teacher and she was so nice and always happy teacher. No matter what she is going through, she has the brightest smile that makes everyone feel welcome. She connects to her students so well. She was the teacher when i need someone to talk to, she would have her doors open for me and when i needed a place to hang out in school for a bit (I had no 7th period and need to wait for the bus), she would let me walk in her class and sit there.

  • anastasia primrose

    My favorite teacher is mrs. drake becasue she would always cheer me up and make me have a good time in class. She is one of the only teachers that actually made reading fun for me. I am most excited to win the school supplies because they are just so cute and adorable.

  • dina aisya

    Her name is Novi she's art teacher, she's so hilarious, clever and I don't know why but I love her so much. And I'm so excited with all those pens! I'm so obsessed with color pens. omg

  • j0d33

    You found the cutest stuff! If I were to win, I'd keep it for myself as my boys would probably think they weren't sporty enough. Ha!

  • MyLife AsKim

    My most favorite teacher last year was my science teacher because she was super nice made science interesting, she also let us hear music during some of our tests

    Also I really love your channel and anyone who hates on you is obviously just jealous

  • Shelli Boyd

    Love you mama ♥️😘
    Facebook:Shelby Boyd
    Kik: Shelbyann54

  • Michelle Martinez

    my favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher mr.rivera, it was becuase of his class that i learned how much i love math, which is what i am majoring in school now, plus he was super chill and fun to have. these supplies are so cute

  • Ellie Lawrence

    I have had so many cool teachers but my favourite was my 7 grade teacher (not sure that's the right grade I'm from England ) our teacher would randomly take us outside to play sports in a middle of a maths lesson for example she played loads of joke and pranks it was so fun and she was such an inspiration. Your videos are so amazing and your a role model to so many girls x.

  • Aleyah Brown

    My FAVORITEST teacher was Mrs.France mostly bc i was her favorite and she would always let me do math 2 grades over me❤

  • Zaria Guerad

    My favorite teacher was mrs Smith in the 1st grade because she was give us candy at the end of the day and she let us watched movie on Monday and Friday

  • Nene Lala

    Thank you for this chance I can't beloved you did this for us I love you this will me so much to me I mean so much thank you for the chance again 😗

  • Ema Narciso

    Mrs.Hill because ever since I was a little kid I never really did good in ELA and struggled with writing and reading. She was the only teacher where I felt like I actually was learnin something and keep in my head. She taught me that it ok to make mistake because their is always time to go back and fix it.

  • Wajiha Taqwa

    My favorite teacher was Ms.Maryam because she taught me a lot of things about life. Im really exited to win the iPad!

  • LeaJoe Al Hamod

    U are soo sweeet especially how u bought all these for ur fans, I love uu and hoppeeee to winn thiss giveaway❤️❤️💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻

  • alondra lafontaine

    You have such a good heart for doing this lots of youtubers don't do this for the subscribers. I really admire how kind you are by giving back to us, god bless you lots love!❤️

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