Blue Apron Cheaper than the Grocery Store??! (Review & Price Comparison)

Blue Apron Cheaper than the Grocery Store??! (Review & Price Comparison)
I know you’ve heard of Blue Apron, but could Blue Apron be CHEAPER than the Grocery Store??! In today’s Blue Apron Review & Price Comparison, I am testing to see if Blue Apron truly is cheaper than shopping at the grocery store. Plus, throwing a little Blue Apron cooking in the mix to show you how the meals turn out!


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  • The Melea Show

    What did you guys think?? Surprised?? Would you ever try a service like Blue Apron? Should I do more comparisons like this with services like Hello Fresh or Plated??

    • James B.

      The Melea Show Thanks for this video. I like that you broke it all down and did the math for us. (I hate math). Definitely would like to see similar videos.

    • Sandra P

      The Melea Show I would love to see a comparison with the other guys also. I think this is a great idea. I woild love to try but its pricing considering a weeks worth of our groceries is 80.00. Great gift idea.

    • Robin M

      yes please do the others that you mentioned. my husband and i run out of ideas when thinking about a meal plan so this would really be cool. great video thank you!!!

    • Jennifer's Life

      The Melea Show we have tried blue apron before and have also tried 2 other services like this. The food was not bad. a lot of the stuff I would not have tried if it wasn't for these services. I do like that they send you all the meals but we are on a budget each month and getting at least 3-4 Meals from them would cut our budget out more than half for each week and that doesn't include breakfast or lunch. We only do these when we get money off.

  • Nicole Radke

    My mother-in-law just sent us a free trial of blue apron. We get ours next Wednesday. I'm excited to try it! Thanks for doing the cost ratio comparison. I was wondering how it stacked up to buying your own groceries.

  • Amanda Blanchard

    Looks really good! I think it'd be nice for an at home date night with the hubby! I'm curious how the chicken lo mein was like $40! What was so expensive – the chicken?

    • The Melea Show

      YES! It was the chicken… I had to get the same grade chicken they sent in their boxes. So no hormones, no antibiotics….

  • Tom Siodlak

    Great video! My boyfriend gets his food from Hello Fresh. In the past I had entire meals delivered but got tired of what they prepared. As a vegan, I think my only option is Purple Carrot but they don't deliver to my area in Ft. Lauderdale.

  • Amber Johantges

    I was surprised! I have never tried a meal subscription service but I think it would be a fun idea for date night and especially nice since it is only my husband and I. Sometimes it is hard to cook for only two people. Lots of leftovers! Lol.

  • Courtney Durrant

    I really liked this video! I've tried Blue Apron before, and I loved everything about it except for the price!

    • Ashley C.

      Amanda Owens – I haven't tried Blue Apron myself but Terra's Kitchen has Paleo options which I chose to try to keep my meals keto. I've also been able to find some on Home Chef but they want to add in carby sides like potatoes, pasta and rice. It's possible but it does limit you with these until they get more of a variety of meal options.

  • Yoli River

    Please check out The Deal Guy, he's great and he tested out two delivery service and cooking time. I like your practical outlook and saving. I've used some of you tips snd it worked out great.

    • The Melea Show

      Nope! Not a sponsored video at all.I really wanted to see if it was cheaper or not. If it is a sponsored video, I will always tell you guys on the video. 🙂

  • Meredith Grey

    So glad you did this! I just saw an advertisement a couple of days ago claiming that a study that was done proved Blue Apron was cheaper than the grocery store. It was sponsored by Blue Apron of course, so I ignored it. Now I know for sure! Thanks!

  • Tammy Schiff

    I am just finishing a two week trial of Blue Apron. I have to say that I
    was not impressed with the menu. I didn't feel like they were very
    family friendly. If you had choices for each week I think it would be much easier to pick your families meals.
    I did like the convenience of the delivery.

  • Kara Shurtliff

    Awesome! I loved this video. I was never going to do this because I just assumed it was so much more expensive, but this was actually really helpful and I'm excited to try it!

  • Sunshine A.

    I've watched a lot of comparisons and people tend to like hello fresh for more fresher ingridients and bigger portions (hello leftovers) so i would like to see what your comparison is like

  • Ashley Martinez

    Do you have a way to pick what you get? We don't eat some things so that would be something to consider too.

  • Brittany Atamanczyk

    I have tried both blue apron and Hello fresh. blue apron was more unique pricer dishes and hello fresh was simple recipes that would cost me a fraction of the price at the grocery store. that bothered me with hello fresh. at least with blue apron I felt I was paying higher price for higher end meals.

  • Ania S.

    Outrageous prices! Sorry, but I'm feeding family of 3 and 2 dogs on about $90 per week, buying mostly organic when it's on sale. And I live in TX where our grocery prices are quite good. I look at sale circulars for 3-4 different stores each week, they are all close to each other so I'm not wasting time or gas shopping in various stores.

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