CHEAP Road Trip Survival Hacks for Traveling with Kids! (Feat. HOLLAR)

CHEAP Road Trip Survival Hacks for Traveling with Kids! (Feat. HOLLAR)
If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll definitely want to watch these Cheap Road Trip Survival Hacks and my Road Trip Travel Essentials! These Road Trip Hacks are Cheap, totally affordable and will keep your kids quiet & entertained in the car. So whether you’re going on a
Spring Break Road Trip or a Summer Break Road Trip, these road trip essentials will be a total lifesaver!


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    • Kimbra Cooke

      You said at the end of this video you wanted to do a future video on travel! Yes please! And thanks for the iPad case tip loved that one!

    • Chelsee G

      Love your videos, Melea! my road trip advice is that while you are driving mom has a clothes pink hooked to the visor for each kiddo. If they are being "less than ideal" their clothespin comes off the visor. If they choose to start to behave again, it can go back up. Whoever has their clothespin on the visor when we stop for gas or something, they get a treat! Love this video!

    • Paul lawrence

      I love the lunch box idea. I like that it can be used for different things. We like to have a dry erase slip cover with printable fun sheets for the kids.

    • MoreheadMama

      We do animal magnets with the cookie sheets, the lace and trace toys, books, alphabet activity pad, snacks, and music!!!Thanks so much for sharing and I would love another video.

  • Amanda Owens

    My tip is making sure I have some low-sugar protein snacks. Carbohydrates are easy to come by in the road, but my daughter needs proteins every 4 hours for her blood-sugar not to drop. Oh and her Boogie Board is a life saver. Hours of drawing and tick-tac-toe is actually a nice break from Eye-Spy.

  • Rachel Roundy

    we make sure to have a training potty for the middle of nowhere stops that are bound to happen for the just potty trained kids.

  • Bonny Miller

    For my crew a road trip must consist of our little hard shell cooler – drink/ snacks. It's something I remember as a kid and do with my kids – also saves little bit of $. My boys fav road trip is going to a neighboring county and just "running away" ( don't tell anyone where we are going no definite plans ) just no chores( for me or the boys) usually a indoor pool – get a pizza and soda or go somewhere to eat just relaxing for the day/ night.

  • Rachel Chamberlain

    I love the cookie sheets! I like to get inexpensive puzzles and add magnetic tape to the back, so they work well for the car too. I wish I had seen this just a little earlier, as we are leaving on a road trip in a few days, and my host box won't get here in time. 😔

  • Michele Botts

    When I was little, our mom would make paper bags with different items and label them "Open on hour 1" "Open on hour 2" etc, to keep us entertained!

  • Gloria Lagroon

    Thanks Melea, very helpful tips! Loved the headphones, pillows and cookie sheet idea for my 2 grandkids. I will check out the Hollar website to order some of those awesome items! Take care!

  • Samantha Corle

    I love having little kids watch movies during a road trip. It usually just puts them to sleep in no time. I had no idea that Hollar sells Disney movies, going over to check it out right now!

  • Jessica Ludlow

    We don't have kids yet, but our best travel hacks are the double car USB charger like you mentioned, and really powerful external batteries. The hack I used most on our last car trip was downloading some of my tv shows on Netflix to watch on the road without wifi since they now offer that option! 🙌🏼 I loved all of these ideas and will definitely use them in the future when I have kids 🙂

  • Jessica Ludlow

    As far as travel I think doing a video about how to budget how much to spend would be good. I think the main one is knowing how much to budget for food while on vacation. Also packing tips and tricks!

  • Sara Zorker

    I wish I had a lot of this stuff to travel with as a kid! lol. but we always had a big cooler full of food and drinks and that was our favorite part!!

  • Andi Natural New Baby

    Awesome finds!! Esp love the Melissa and Doug stuff. Our favorite thing to do on road trips is Mad Libs 🙂

    YES to a travel video!

  • Courtney Durrant

    these are all great ideas. I loved the cheap digital movies. we always make sure to bring snacks on our road trip.

  • Heather

    Like your metal box with toys, my kids have these little cloth bag's. They fill it up with the toys they choose and that is what they have to occupy themselves with. If it dont fit than they dont get to take it. We had the metal box's before, but they ended up getting stepped on and bent up so we switched to the bags. When we hopefully one day have extra money I am definitely going on that site. I looked it up and it is amazing!

  • Pam Richardson

    Our kids love to watch movies (so thankful for our DVD player in the van!), make a list of all the different states they see on license plates, draw in sketchbooks, count semi trucks (my 8 year old especially loves this), our oldest 3 read books, and no road trip would be complete without hearing the question "are we there yet?" several times 😆 I love all your tips in this video!! I'm gonna take baking sheets with us on our next trip for sure! That would be a great help for my boys that like to draw!

  • Tink 22

    We like to visit our library before road trips and pick out audio books to listen to as a family ( Harry Potter is an excellent choice).

  • Eagleplayer51

    When we had super long trips as kids where we went through multiple states to get to our destination, my mom would give us a new surprise each time we would cross a state line. She said it was to keep the activities spaced out. We also used to honk the car horn every time we crossed a state line and say goodbye to the old state and hello to the new state! For example, "Goodbye, Ohio! Hello, Indiana!" Loved it every time!

  • GoldenWolf

    I love Hollar for their holiday items. Right now they have some cute Easter stuff. But you are right, items do go fast!!🙂

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