CLICKLIST Tips: Online Grocery Pickup at Smith’s & Kroger! (Save MORE Money & Time)

CLICKLIST Tips: Online Grocery Pickup at Smith’s & Kroger! (Save MORE Money & Time)
If you shop at Smith’s or Kroger Owned Grocery Stores, you are definitely going to want to checkout the Online Grocery Pickup with Clicklist! I’m sharing my Grocery Haul with you today that I ordered completely online, was still able to use my grocery coupons and digital coupons and didn’t leave my car! It literally saved me so much time from regular grocery shopping and I was still able to save the same money from shopping in-store. This video will show you how to use clicklist and share clicklist tips to make your grocery shopping go as smoothly as possible!

Make sure you watch the video to know how to enter the Giveaway! 2 people will win a $25 Smith’s/Kroger Gift Card. Giveaway Winners will be announced on June 8th, 2017. Good Luck!


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🎥15 Ways to Save Money Eating Healthy:

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  • Erica Fish

    I am 8 mo pregnant and have used click list the last few weeks for my shopping and it's been AMAZING! Excellent quality and the people are so helpful and friendly!

  • W Harper

    I have used clicklist several times. I love it. I have. 2 and 4 year old. So anything that saves me from a store with them is win in my book.

  • Shawnee Burt

    Oh man I love this idea and would totally try it! My favorite part is them loading it up for me and being able to use paper and digital coupons! You could totally make up for the $5 charge not to mention the time you save is worth the pickup cost! Cheaper than grocery delivery services also! Love it! Love Smiths!

  • Julia Lazzaretti

    I use clicklist all the time and I love it! It was literally a life saver when I just had my baby! I was able to order online and have my husband pick it up on his way back from work 😀

  • Nicole Quincy

    I have used Clicklist several times, even a few times when my kids were sick, so that was awesome. I love it because obviously it saves me time, but also so much money! I'm such an impulse buyer. I'll remember random things we need or find things that sound good or are on sale and I'll just get them. If I go to the store I typically spend about $120. When I do clicklist, it's more like $60-70. It's a huge savings for me!! Plus I make my list through the week since it saves my cart. Huge fan of it. #igstoryfam

  • Lynda Goleman

    I use Kroger clicklist all the time. Love it! Saves me so much time and money. Even with the fee I always save money with their substitutions and using digital and paper coupons. #igstoryfam

  • Jo-Ann MacNeill

    I live in Massachusetts so I am not sure they have these stores around here… I love the idea they load everything in your car and the idea they accept all kinds of coupons….. from Jo-Ann .from Massachusetts

  • Ashley Cardon Hairstyles

    I would love to try it out! I love the idea of it because… well hello NO wrestling with my kids in the store! 😍😍😍

  • Jessica West

    I have been using ClickList since August and I LOVE it!!! I save so much money because I'm not in the store picking up random things that aren't on my list and I also like I can track how much is in my cart so I can stick to my budget much easier!! I also love the upgrades you get free of charge of they have to substitute and item… you can tell I am a huge fan of this feature!!

  • April Epperson

    I know quite a few people who love doing the grocery pickup option. So I may just have to try it out. I also love how you can just browse the sale items #igstoryfam

  • nancy Hoff

    I haven't tried it yet but am interested in trying it after seeing this video. I will look to see if this service is available at the Kroger store near me. I would love it for milk and bread!

  • K Lupresto

    I can't wait to try clicklist, we have been using Walmart but I like how with clicklist you can use coupons! Will definitely be giving this a try! Thanks so much for the tips. #igstoryfam

  • Angie Stewart

    I haven't tried it yet, but I have friends that LOVE it! You made it look so Easy! I will be trying it out for sure!

  • Monica Hokanson

    I haven't tried it, but it sounds great so I don't have to fight my kiddos in the store 🙂 I will definitely try this out!

  • Amy Freeman

    I haven't used it, mostly because I am super picky on my produce! But I do love the thought of being able to not have to go to the store with kids!! I will definitely try it now after your review! I love Kroger!!! #igstoryfam

  • Laura Avenius Eliason

    I haven't tried it but it sounds great! I love the idea of energy saved not walking the aisles pregnant and with my toddler.

  • Shelley Barnes

    I love Clicklist! I have used it about 5 times. The best is when my kids are asleep in the car and I don't have to wake them up to go in!

  • Sara Williams

    Clicklist is awesome! So great for me a mom of two toddlers. Their attention span can handle the speediness of Clicklist. I have always been impressed with the quality of produce as well. Thanks for sharing about the paper Coupons, I didn't know that!

  • Tiffany H

    I haven't tried it yet but plan too! I like the fact that after the early morning workout I can stop by and pick up groceries all before the kids are up.

  • Lexi Perkins

    i use click list n the weekly and love it! it keep me and my children safe and it saves me some much time as a mother of 1 and one on the way!

  • oEmoMonkeyo

    I haven't tried it yet but I definitely will now. I love the idea that I won't have to walk through the store because more likely I will end up buying things I didn't need or things that my kids want.

  • Laura Doty

    I don't think clicklist is available in my area, but I'll definitely check it out when we move in a couple weeks if our new city has it! That would be so amazing to have as an option when our new baby comes in August! #igstoryfam

  • Brittany Bennett

    I use click list and I love it. I used Wal-Mart's grocery pick up but now use Smith's. I use Smith's more because it's closer and I can do same day. The $5 fee is worth it to me because I like the produce more than the produce I would get at Wal-Mart and same day pick is worth the $5 fee for me!

  • Melissa Watkins

    I haven't used it but have a smiths marketplace opening in my area very soon so I hope they have this option. I would definitely use it, especially if my kids were sick! That would be a lifesaver!

  • Carrie Carlton

    I haven't used it yet, but our local Smith's is just about to move into a new, bigger building and will offer it there. I can't wait to try it out!

  • Breanne King

    I don't live near any large grocery stores. I LOVE ordering online because I just make the order on the car ride there while my husband drives which makes our shopping so fast! #igstoryfam

  • Bonny M

    I have kroger where I live and no never tried it was concerned I'd miss sales or digital coupon prices but after watching I'm going to have to do this . Also alot of times I go in hungry and buy more this way saving money on impulse shopping .I'm going have to do this soon.

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