Come Hang Out with Me at CVX Live! + Win Tickets, Airfare & Hotel!

Come Hang Out with Me at CVX Live! + Win Tickets, Airfare & Hotel!
I want you to come hang out with me at CVX Live! I’d love to meet you, & even hang out at the CVX Live Meet and Greet Booths. Plus, you can win tickets, airfare and hotel to this YouTuber Event. (I’m doing a giveaway too! So make sure you watch the video to enter.) Cool, right??

🌟Grab the CHEAPEST Super Early Bird Tickets to CVX Live over here:

Tickets are as low as $25 (On Thursday). But if you want to come all 3 days for different classes, meet and greets, activities and more, you’ll want to snag the 3-Day Pass for $45.


🎥14 Secret Netflix Hacks:

🎥25 IKEA Hacks to Save You Time & Money!

🎥How to Get Rid of Acne OVERNIGHT!

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