Disney Fairies: A MAGICAL Way to Save Money on Disney Parks Souvenirs!

Disney Fairies: A MAGICAL Way to Save Money on Disney Parks Souvenirs!
Want to know a Magical way to Save Money on Disney Parks Souvenirs? It’s called The Disney Fairies and your kids will love the Disney Surprise! The next time you go to Disneyland, Walt Disney World or even on a Disney Cruise, you will be able to save money on any souvenir. Plus, you’ll be able to make your Disney Trip that much more magical!

Comment on this video with your favorite Disneyland Money-Saving Tip. (If you don’t have one, tell me what item you loved the most from my video as a cheaper souvenir!) Winner will be announced on May 30th, 2017. GOOD LUCK! (**MUST be a subscriber of The Melea Show to be entered in the Giveaway. So make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already.)


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  • Natalie Rivera

    I really didn't know Parents actually did this lol..weird to me I don't know why. When we go traveling to Disneyland, knotts berry farm, Vegas etc usually you buy the souvenirs because that's what you do. Regardless if its expensive. I also think it depends on the family and kids. my kids would know its us. They don't do fake things like this..for Yule (no Xmas for us) we buy gifts and its always from us. my oldest is 12 almost 13.. shed laugh at us for doing that
    this is targeted under 4 of age

    • The Melea Show

      Totally can see this wouldn't work if you don't do pretend things with your family for fun. But you can do this for older kids too! I would recommend finding things on the Disney Store website that are actually sold at the Disney Parks.. but use a coupon code so they are cheaper! Buying souvenirs at the park is super fun. But for those looking to save money (especially those who have a lot of kids), this definitely helps!

  • Brittni Kohler

    I have never been to Disney but when our kids get a little bigger we want to take them and I LOVE this Disney fairy idea! Will definitely have to do this!!!

  • Mary Loudon

    Love the Disney Fairies. At Walt Disney World they have two outlets just outside. I got great gifts there. One was a pen that was listed for 27.99 and was marked down to 1.99. I picked up 5 of them for gifts.

  • Jennifer Reeves

    we did pressed pennies with our kids. they loved them. and it's something they can see always. not an item of clothing or a toy they grow out of.

  • Branae Bartlett

    I love buying things from the Disney store, but I only go when they are having a sale or I have a coupon. Also, JCpenny has a Disney section that is A LOT cheaper than even the Disney store!

  • NanasWhatzits

    My mom always would pack waters and fracker packs for us for snacks. They have free buttons. You can ask for free large cups of water. At your hotel pack a couple of the complimentary danishes for snacks. But of yours I thought the dollar section at target was a good idea 💛

  • Michael Acord

    I love your helpful tips and tricks will you be there for Mission Breakout?! Please do a ride through! Thanks

  • Bessy Garcia

    Gonna use the Disney fairies when the time comes, love the dollar spot for Disney toys, also target Disney t shirts.

  • Nadia Leung

    I DIY some mickey mouse ears for my family Disney trip! Those ears are expensive at Disney, and even etsy! My husband asks me several time to start selling my ears! haha… btw, I love your idea of Disney Fairy! I think my kids would be very excited for the gifts from the fairies at the end of the day!!

  • alyssa robb

    I love the idea of getting the free birthday pin at the resort or park instead of the $30 birthday ears that you will only wear once. I love the idea of buying Disney pajamas. Another thing is buying Disney gift cards on sale before u go at target or walmart

  • Rebecca Burke

    Hi lovely! My tip is similar in the uk we have a shop called home bargains and pound land like dollar store and do a countdown like Christmas with items each day leading up to the trip itself! Also I'm going to use my old toys for my children (when I have them) xxx

  • Christina Paskett

    I love this idea! We are planning our first Disney trip with kids, so I don't have any tips to share. I'm excited to introduce Disney Fairies when we go!

  • sl Walker

    I buy disney gift cards before the trip at a store like Sams Club so I get a little discount at least. I use them for food, and shopping. Also, if you have a disney credit card you get a discount at the emporium and World of Disney if you find something that you really want and can't get it anywhere else.

  • Gwenie C

    My favorite money saving tip is the "disney fairies" leaving a surprise one. Its so creative and such a smart idea! I love this video and your other ones! Your tips about money saving has really helped me with my spending habits and how to keep an eye out on how much you spend anywhere. Thanks Melea! 😊

  • Masey Eyre

    also if your kids have not seen all the princess movies or the movies that are big rides in Disneyland, what I did is joined the Disney movie club and got 7 movies for 30 bucks and had a blast watching them all. My daughter is 5 and now knows who they all are lol.

  • Kristen Ryan

    We use our Disney Visa to pay monthly bills then we have the reward dollars to spend when we are there. We also will try to wait on souvenirs until we are ready to buy more than $50 worth so we can get the discount using the Disney visa.

  • Lydia Story

    This is so great! I have never thought to buy souvenirs before we go instead of in the park. Thank you!

  • Samantha Corle

    Love the tip about buying Disney shirts at Walmart or Target! I've never thought about looking there and they actually have some cute ones!

  • Zombiez Rule

    Wonderful idea!!!!! 😀 My husband and I love disney world! We never thought of Disney fairies lol xD We will totaly do this with our kids! Buying the outfuts/dresses at walmart or online is way cheaper! Thank you so much for the wonderdul ideas!!! Love ur videos ! Thank you!!!!!!! 😀 🙂 🙂 :)!!!

  • MissBeyondtheBlonde

    I love the idea of bringing your own light up sticks and bracelets for nighttime at the park!

  • Adri C

    My favorite thing you mentioned, is going to target or any store to find a Mickey hat or you're favorite character, it will cost you much cheaper. At the Disneyland, the hats or clothing will cost more than $20 ! So, that was a very smart tip. We are going to Disney in July & we are going to be prepared, thanks to you :).

  • keshiajohnston

    I like using my swagbucks points towards target gift cards. That way I can get Disney souvenirs/Disney gift cards FREE. I also use ebates as well.

  • Kaydi Jones

    I love all of your videos especially the Disney ones! I love this fairy idea and will use it when we go next year for sure! Even Disney themed snacks like crackers or fruit snacks would be helpful!

  • millenialstar

    I love your idea to go to the dollar store! There are so many cute things that little kids would love!

  • Sally Almond

    We always buy glow bracelets/ necklaces or light up toys at the dollar store beforehand so the kids have something at night time instead of buying anything in the parks that are way more expensive!

  • Casey Sargent

    Free ice water! You can just ask for a cup of ice water at any place that has a soda fountain!! It's our favorite way to save money!

  • Julie Manalastas

    Yes! Buying souvenirs ahead of time is the only way to go. We love the dollar store for glow sticks and bubbles!

  • Stacey Bolke

    Others have mentioned this but the Disneyland app was helpful for me to check out restaurant prices before we picked one.

  • Ashley K

    I love all of these tips. I have only been Disney once when I was around 20. I can not wait till we bring our son to Disney.

  • Michelle Maples

    I love the Disney Fairies idea. Although Ive never been to the theme park, I love the pajamas idea in the video.

  • TheManhands1

    We get Disney themed tees at Old Navy and Walmart, Disney figurines at the Dollar Store, dishware at the Dollar Spot at Target, and TsumTsums through online deal packs!

  • Kimberly Jones

    We like to stay at a hotel that serves breakfast and then only eat one big meal at the park. We get snacks if we need to and then we aren't spending so much money on meals.

  • lucygirl33 5

    if your not going to disneyland but want to surprise your kids with something fun disney themed go to mickey at my door online and its a gift box with items right from inside the parks that is at a discounted price! it drives at your door and you can say mickey brought it! how fun! I would really enjoy the gift card for my next trip with my kids !

  • MsMexanese

    Great Disneyland money saving tip is bring your own food! I never knew you could bring in your own food until recently.

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