DUA LIPA New Rules Parody & Cover: SHOPAHOLIC RULES 😂

DUA LIPA New Rules Parody & Cover: SHOPAHOLIC RULES 😂
Sharing a DUA LIPA New Rules Video for you guys today because the lyrics are perfect for a Shopaholic Parody & Cover! I came up with these New Rules for shopping so we can all save a little money! Dua Lipa’s song is the perfect fit. So listen to the new words in the chorus!

Are you a shopaholic? Even if you aren’t, more than likely you know someone who is! So share this video with them by clicking the “Share” link below! The struggle is real.😂Hope my Dua Lipa New Rules Parody gives you all a good laugh and you can relate just a tiny bit!

This was such a fun video to do–and different for my channel. It’s definitely all tongue and cheek! But I’d love to do more “money-saving” themed music video parodys on my channel, if you guys love a good laugh! So PLEASE let me know below if I should do more of these!


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Shout out to Provo Towne Center and Hilton City Creek Center for letting us film at your locations! SO SUPER LUCKY to work with both of you guys!💋💋

Even though the video was all in fun, our family did get out of $30,000 worth of debt and have an amazing way to budget! It’s what my channel is all about! So watch those two videos if you’re looking for help to get out of debt yourself or to budget better so you have money for all the fun stuff like SHOPPING!

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🌟MY SUPER EASY & AMAZING BUDGETING TRICK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVFjcmXOo4g&t=4s


One, Don’t Shop on Your Own
You Know You’re Gonna End up Broke and Alone

Two, Just Walk Away
You Know What Happens If You Stay

Three, Don’t Overspend
You’re Gonna Regret the Bill in the Morning.

And If You Pay for It, You Aint Getting Over It

I Got New Rules, I Count ‘Em

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