EASY & FUN St. Patrick’s Day & Leprechaun Treat Idea!

EASY & FUN St. Patrick’s Day & Leprechaun Treat Idea!
No more Leprechaun Traps for this mom! Instead, I’m sharing this EASY & FUN St. Patrick’s Day & Leprechaun Treat Idea. It’s more of a St. Patrick’s Day Prank or Magic Trick that your kids will think is pretty cool. Plus, who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day Treats? CLICK SHOW MORE to get the DIY Free Printable I shared in the video too.


✨You can download the FREE St. Patrick’s Day/Leprechaun Printable I made for this video here: http://themeleashow.com/Leprechaun Just print it out or save it and then print it out!


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    • Nicole Barney

      Our favorite way to celebrate St. Patrick's day is with an all green dinner and some games after! It's so fun!

    • Paul lawrence

      My family has never really celebrated St. patrick's day. The only thing we have done really is make sure to wear Green so you don't get pinched. My daughter is in school now and hears stories of others celebrating though and comes home and asks if a leprechaun will come so this would be really fun to do!

    • Jennifer's Life

      When I was growing up at school our teachers would have green snacks. The juice and w.e we were having for snack was green I absolutely enjoyed that. I don't have kids yet but, I am planning on doing that with them when they get old enough.

  • Jessica Ludlow

    I always love decorating with a lot of green!!! 💚💚💚 I LOVE St Patrick's Day and can't wait to do some fun traditions once I have kids. This will definitely be one of them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Dancer 1984

    My favorite way to celebrate Saint Patrick's day is make my kids Green eyes and ham for breakfast. We always have corned beef, potatoes, and green beans for dinner and a green leprechaun float for dessert 🍀

  • Mona Williams

    my son doesn't like pistachio pudding but loves french vanilla pudding so we always make some with GREEN food coloring and color the coolwhip GREEN too with GREEN sprinkles. he loves it.

  • Andrea Gonzalez

    my family and I love eating green eggs and ham. We use I will call those and cilantro to make it green rather than using food dye. We also love to eat chocolate coins that's get left by the leprechauns. And of course we cannot forget to wear green or else we might get pissed. LOL

  • Amanda Owens

    I think my daughter would like pistachio pudding. One of our favorite ways to celebrate is to make Green Eggs and Ham. It fits the theme and encourages reading.

  • Jamie Gadd

    We like to wear green and have corned beef and cabbage for dinner. Thank you for doing the video again! We did this last year with my kids and they loved it! You reminded me to do it again this year. 😃

  • Sara Zorker

    we usually just all wear green and go out to dinner or do a fun activity! and we make sure to pinch our friends who aren't wearing green!! 🍀

  • Lindsay Jorgensen

    Rockwell cracks me up! We do green pancakes for breakfast. That's about it, but my kids get so excited. This is a cute idea too!

  • Lana Slater

    I do something different each year so I don't have a favorite. This year I'm planning on making a green jello poke cake. I remembered your video from last year and have been thinking of doing that too.

  • Haylie Cooler

    I don't really have any traditions or anything for St. Patrick's Day. I usually just bake up something green. But, this year I have all access VIP passes to see Tyler Farr and I am SOO excited!

  • Carrie Carlton

    we love to celebrate by making green pancakes for breakfast, wearing something green, this year we snagged infinity scarves at Target in the $ spot for $3 each. We finish off the day eating corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and of course, green jell-o 🙂 love the idea of pistachio pudding! My girls would love it too!

  • bryansgyrl14

    My kids both love pistachio pudding! We do the traditional pinch if you're not wearing green. My mom sometimes made green pancakes for breakfast on St. Patrick's Day, I should try that and the pudding idea. ❇️💚📗🔫🔋🍏🥝🥑🥒🐢🐍🦎🐸🐛👒🤢😆

  • Sara B

    We wear green and usually make some yummy green treat. This year will be my first attempted at corned beef and cabbage. Fingers crossed I can pull it off. Thanks!

  • Gloria Lagroon

    Wear something Green…and drink a Green Smoothie! ( Melea, I live alone and don't have any little ones) I just visit with friends! Happy St Patrick's Day!! ☺ !!

  • Shawnee Burt

    I like to buy green shirts or St Patty's shirts in the next size after the holiday for my kids to wear the next year, and I like to make a St Patty's mix with lucky charms similar to muddy buddies!

  • Erica Nichol

    I love playing with green shadow! We never get to really celebrate st Patrick's day, so being festive in the colors works 🙂

  • Courtney Durrant

    Not only does my family wear green we also get St Patrick's day temp tattoos to wear that day. We also love reading our green books!

  • Monica Hokanson

    We don't much for St. Patrick's Day besides wear green! This looks like a fun surprise for my kiddos 🙂

  • Brady Ulrich

    We have Irish ancestors so I go all out for St. Patrick's day. I serve GREEN pancakes or lucky charms with a note that says I'm lucky to be their mom. Usually there is a GREEN prank played by "leprechauns" like GREEN milk or toilet water. Then, later we will do a rainbow scavenger hunt to find the pot at the end of the rainbow with gold coins and rainbow or GREENAWAY treats. Then, I do a Irish dinner of meat and potatos or a GREEN dinner. We learn about why we celebrate the holiday and make it fun and GREEN!!! Thanks for this fun idea!!!

  • Becky O

    I did something similar to this.  My kids and I did this during halloween and used orange and I added edible glitter:)$

  • Ashley Thornton

    my mom used to put a drop of food coloring into the bottom of our glasses and then when she poured our milk in the morning, it magically turned green as she poured! $

  • Tasharey Crawford

    I enjoyed this video, while I opted not to try the recipe it did inspire me to still do something. I ended up making nachos and put green food coloring in the cheese to make it festive$

  • Mike Horn

    I had no idea that that jello started off white, I will be using this next year for my kids so fun! Would love other fun treats like this for holidays that are magical. $

  • Janet Flores

    I love you so much you are so pretty and amazing I love you so much you are so beautiful 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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