How to Get out of Debt! (How We Got Out of $30,000 in Debt!)

How to Get out of Debt! (How We Got Out of $30,000 in Debt!)
Want to know How to Get Out of Debt?💰 Today I’m sharing How We Got Out of Debt–$30,000 worth of debt!😱 (Crazy, right?!) Now we are living debt free! This video will show you how to start paying off debt, debt free tips and show you exactly what our family did to pay off our debt. More information below that could help too. So keep reading!


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  • Kenedra Coney

    I really am interested in raising my credit score. I really enjoyed this video I am taking notes and going to really going to start going through our debt and listing it on a spreadsheet. Thank you so much.

  • Eric Kinsley

    I want to see the credit card video. I'm only 13 and I was a little foggy on how this type of stuff works because I hears pieces of my parents talking about it but I never understood it so this helped a lot and I will definitely use these tips later in lifethx👍🏻

  • jolizevette

    I needed this today. I really would love to learn how to raise my credit score. My goal this year is to get to a point where I'm not dodging phone calls from debtors. It's so hard but this feels achievable

    • The Melea Show

      You can totally do it. Just start with step 1 and move down the line. It'll take work but I know you can do it!

  • Lili A

    omg thank you this was great info yes to the video on how to raise credit score and how it works we was just talking about getting out of debt trying to convince the husband that is possible thank you

  • Madi Sortor

    Yes!!! Please post a credit score video. And this was so helpful my husband and I have 15k we are trying to get rid of in the next year!!

  • anabely999

    How do I find info on any debt I may have? I know of two items through Credit Karma however one is closed and one is still open. One of the goals this year is to pay my debt and fix my credit score.

    • The Melea Show

      If you are making payments toward anything right now, that would be your open revolving credit you have. So login to those accounts online or look at statements to get that info. 🙂

  • Semisanemom

    I would LOVE to know more about credit scores. we currently have rough credit and are snowballing some debts but do not have good enough credit to get a normal credit card to pull it back up so I'd love more information on what to do to help pull those numbers up!

  • HelloMrs JD

    I am interested in how to raise score after paying off debt I have been paying off and my score is stagnant. Thank you

  • Celina Anderson

    yes I'm a 21 and don't want to make any mistakes. please do a separate video for credit score.

    and maybe to help get your credit score up

  • Terese Powell

    I would love to watch a more in depth video! Hope you get enough "likes" to sway you. All the best to you and yours!

  • KClark

    This is great. As a graduate student, I only make $17,000 a year so I am not paying on my undergraduate student loans while they're in deferment, but I plan to pay more than the minimum once I'm out of school. As of now, I'm paying off my credit card and the payments for my car and mortgage.

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  • Courtney Long

    Great video! Excellent ideas, I'm definitely going to incorporate some of these methods into my life. I hope you do a credit score video too!

  • Betty Dockens

    What networks do you know of offhand that stream? The cash envelope system is nuts. It is so unsafe to keep cash in your home especially if you are posting online videos. You can be tracked to your address without ever realizing how much information you are giving away.

  • Tracey Visser

    Do you have any tips on student loan debt. Beside mortgage (which I don't really look at as debt), student loan is our only debt. I already refinanced my loans about 3.5 years ago and got both down to APR 5%. Just not sure what else to do to get them paid faster (besides paying more each month. Which is hard for our one income family).

  • Melissa Lee

    Thanks for the info Melea! I would love to see a video on credit scores. My husband and I are trying to get ourselves into the position to be able to purchase our first home together. We are a blended family of 8 with a wide range of ages for our children, one we'd love to be able to help get off to a great start financially once he ventures out on his own in the near future.

  • Carla Bella

    Thank you for your I'm gonna try these steps forsure. Perfect time for 2017 to get out of dedt. I would love to see more videos like this plus getting that credit rating up. 👍👍👍

  • Nicole W

    YAY for you!!! Thanks for sharing these tips! We pay everything off every month, but have been in those shoes before and this is exactly how we did it! I would LOVE a credit score video!

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