I’m Paying for YOUR Christmas Gifts This Year!🎄 SERIOUSLY!

I’m Paying for YOUR Christmas Gifts This Year!🎄 SERIOUSLY!
SERIOUSLY! I’m paying for your Christmas Gifts this year! What better way to give back this holiday season than to give a full christmas to one lucky family family out there and give a bunch of families FREE TOYS for Christmas?? Make sure you watch the full video so you know what’s going on and get the “bonus” entry to get your entire Christmas paid for by me!


Giveaway Ends on November 30th at 11:59pm MST. I will announce the grand prize winner & any toy winners on Dec 1, 2016 by replying to the winner’s winning comment and updating the comment & description section of THIS video so you all know who won.

Open Internationally. However, you must be at least 13 years old in order to participate.


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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video, and neither YouTube nor any other brand or company are sponsors nor party to the giveaway.

XO, 💕Melea


  • Kelly Gilchrist

    I would like to see good ideas for presents for adults. Not all of us have children, so toys are not really on our lists.

  • Connie Brown

    Looking for things teenage boys would love for Christmas and good deals on trampolines and skateboards/longboards and pads

  • MOMMABEAR 8484

    What a wonderful, sweet, thoughtful thing to do for someone . So precious of you !!! I personally would really love to see a gift guide for young girls. I have two daughters who are constantly telling me " Oh Mommy I really want that for Christmas " , and it gets so overwhelming, I'd love to know the best of the best of what's out there , as far as quality, balue, and fun goes. That would be so helpful ♡♡♡♡♡ Love You and Your Channel ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Julia Peirce

    A video I would love to see is how college kids ( me) can afford/save on gifts for my parents! I always want to give them the best gifts but I am a poor college student! Thanks!

  • Isabella Marroquin

    I am hoping to see some sort of gift guide for little children. Would definitely be helpful to come up with gifts for my younger sibling and cousins!

  • eimoran

    I'd like to see a video about door busters on thanksgiving night and if they are worth it? I would rather stay home with my family and participate in deals the next day during regular business hours but am I going to miss out on amazing deals or should we pass?

  • cbridges05

    I'd love tips on buying gift cards at a discount. What sites are legit? Also, do you use any sites or apps to alert when there are price drops on items you're shopping for?
    Ps- this is so generous of you!! Way to go, girl!

  • Alex Martinez

    Honestly I will like to see Apple products like MacBook (for school) iPad or whatever where to save at. Maybe Best Buy wouldn't have it the cheapest on black Friday but fry's will or maybe online is cheapest and don't have to wait on 3-5 hour line on thanksgiving

  • Nicole Saldivar

    Well this is an awesome giveaway! I'd love to see electronics deals as well as things like Microsoft office-if they have such deals at all.

  • Alex Martinez

    Honestly I will like to see Apple products like MacBook (for school) iPad or whatever where to save at. Maybe Best Buy wouldn't have it the cheapest on Black Friday but fry's will or maybe online is cheapest and don't have to wait on 3-5 hour line on thanksgiving

  • Jasmeet Kaler

    I would love to see a video on how to save money on electrical devices such as phones and computers! That would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

  • Jordyn Keller

    I'm looking forward to seeing videos on how to save money when it comes to Christmas shopping. My sons birthday is December 23rd so it's hard to get presents for his birthday and Christmas without spending too much

  • AMy Freeman

    I would love to see money saving tips on Christmas decorations. My poor kids are still dealing with mismatched dollar store stockings 🙁

  • Jazmine Ellender

    ANSWER: I'm hoping I get to see some videos on the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. My family doesn't really go Black Friday shopping, but this year I really want to.
    Right when she said a family could win $1500 cash I thought of this project my class(along with the whole school) does every year near the holiday time called "Adopt-A-Family" it's basically when we get information on a family that can't do much for the holidays, and we get them food, presents, and anything else that could be needed for the Christmas season.. I'm kinda hoping I win for that family… I don't know what family we are getting(it doesn't start until about 2 weeks), but we chose to have a family with 5+ family members because we are a big class…

  • Cindy Thompson

    Some ideas for quick gifts to have on hand that aren't perishable in case I need a last minute gift for someone (and that don't cost a lot too). Also, any tips for Black Friday shopping. Thanks!

  • Janae Campbell

    I love your channel and this is so beyond kind! So exciting for whomever wins! 🙂 I would love a guide to ONLINE black Friday deals… and awesome neighbor gifts that won't break the bank. :)

  • Kay Sidney

    Can you do a video on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and best ways to purchase good electronics for cheaper prices? I feel like people don't talk about the electronic deals much and that's where people miss out on deals and tricks. I know when it comes to shopping for electronics, I am not the best. Thank you Melea 🙂 <3

  • Kayleen Cruz

    This is an amazing and kindest thing anyone can do! I think u can do best Black Friday deals and how to know if your getting the best deals on gifts.

  • PrioritySurvival

    A video I would like to see from you: Christmas gift ideas under $50, $100, and $200.

    Why would I like to win?

    We are a family of nine and my Dad (Melvin) is a minister for a ministry called H.I.S BridgeBuilders SA and does not make enough money for everything we need, my Mom stays at home. Thank you for being so very generous and doing this, you are very kind.


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