Money Saving Tips & Life Hacks! Q&A Session #1

I asked Freebies2Deals readers to ask me anything and everything about saving money, my blog, my life–whatever they wanted. And I answered them LIVE on-air on Good Things Utah. This video is answering all of the most popular money-saving questions that I get on a regular basis. ENJOY!!

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00:39: “How Do You Manage Your Kids, Couponing, Your Blog and Not Go Crazy?”

01:46 “Where are the Best Deals on Baby Necessities–Car Seats, Pack N Plays, etc. Is there a Best Time to Buy? Where?”

2:53: “Is it Worth Subscribing to the Newspaper for Coupons Anymore or Is Printing Coupons the Way to Go Now?” (For the post I mentioned in the video, you can find it here:

4:20 “I’m so overwhelmed by starting the money-saving process. If you had to give 1 tip to a beginner, what tip would you give them?”

5:16 “How Much Money Should a Family of 5 be Spending on Groceries a Month?”

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Thanks all!! XOXO, Melea


  • Lynn Wilson

    I have been trying to do couponing on my own im overwheelmed with it..I cant figured it out..can you helpe start coupining and start my own stock pile

    • The Melea Show

      +Lynn Wilson Hey Lynn, make sure you check out some of my other videos talking about couponing. It should definitely get you started and help you with your own stock pile! 🙂

  • Katie Jones

    I love that you explained how things are changing to a more technology based coupon system. It is easier than classic clipping, and with bonuses on Ibotta and Checkout51, even more lucrative! $

  • Alejandra Salazar

    I love this video! I am trying so hard to get my family out of debt and watching this is just another motivation! Thank you so much! $

  • Sammy B

    Wow..Way to sell out newspapers and totally show loyalty for tv news. That's a little not Cool… I might have to rethink my subscribing to you. You get that tv news and print news are competitors right. You just totally gave them a win and all your followers are going to do what you do because you are saving them all this money. Ladies and Gentleman, newspapers still give coupons and there are also coupons in the back of telephone books.

  • Hayli H.

    I can't believe I haven't run into you before youtube! your all over the place with awesome info. Lol.. I guess bc I live in PA..

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