My First VLOG!

My First VLOG!
Woo-Hoo! This is my first Vlog Video for you guys featuring behind the scenes at the Spartan Race, going to Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game vs the Utah Jazz, showing behind the scenes on the set of Good Things Utah and my secret project doing a Cinderella Remake Video!

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  • Lindsay Jorgenson

    Vlogs are more of a personal look into your life, and I like them, but not love them. Although, I'd still probably watch them while watching your channel as I get ready for the day, fold laundry, wait in the carpool line, etc. :)

  • Kristen Gibby

    I go back and forth with vlogs. I love to know behind the scenes things but don't like daily vlogs, they get boring. so maybe highlights from a week or something would be nice? this wasn't boring to watch, just don't have time to follow all the vlogs of people I like! ha

  • Alyssa Arbon

    I don't really watch vlogs honestly. this was cute but in complete honesty I probably would watch a regular vlog (not because I don't like you, just because I'm busy haha!).

  • Anne Traynor

    It was cool to see the sneak peak inside Good Things Utah and the recording studio (you sounded great, by the way!). I like the structure of the normal videos more but every now and then blogs are fun.

  • Heidi Wilcox

    I've never watch a VLOG before. It was quite fun to see all the different things…the mud, your kids, behind the scenes, recording studio! (no wonder your daughter can sing so good…she got it from her mommy!) basketball suite!, ice cream. CUTE!

  • Suzzanne G

    I've never been to a Spartan Race, nor a recording studio. It was fun to see what those were like since I will most likely not be participating in those activities. Keep up the vlogs so we can live vicariously through you :)

  • jennmobbs

    I thought it was cool but I felt uncomfortable watching simply because this would be way out of my comfort zone!! Thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  • Stefanie Nuttall

    I like the idea of a blog. I do really like the informational type videos that you do though, so maybe a volg in addition to that…

  • Lindsay Holmstrom

    I like vlogs….. They are fun to see people in their natural element and it helps your followers get to know you

  • Kristy Pearson

    I like both regular videos and your first vlog. I think throwing one of those in every once in a while or once a month is a good idea.b

  • Shanty

    I liked the behind the scenes at Good Things Utah. But for the most part I prefer to watch your videos on tips etc. And by the way you have a beautiful voice!

  • Wendi Ormsby

    I liked it. Your voice is beautiful! Your husband once helped me and my husband at Rand life. He was really helpfull and nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzanne Coulliette

    I have never heard of a vlog so this is new for me. I would like to see more to get more of an idea what they are.

  • Marisa Hollingsworth

    I think it's always fun to get to see some real life behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing! And beautiful voice!!

  • Chantel Baker

    Cute family and wow your voice is amazing! I think I'd watch your informational videos more than the vlogs.

  • K Adams

    You just get more and more perfect the more I learn about you. You are so awesome! Cute family and do some more singing for us. :)

  • The Melea Show

    Thanks to all of you for participating tonight! It was fun! The winner of the Apple TV is +Meagan Johnston And the winner of the Disneyland Tickets is +Tatiana Southam. All winners have been replied to directly in the comment section so they can claim their prizes.

  • Shawna Wakefield

    Although the content is interesting, I'm not super into vlogs. I'm more interested in the informative videos. I think it would be beneficial to post a little preview of each of your videos on instagram…is that even really possible with 15 seconds. I think I'd be more likely to jump over to YOutube after starting a video on instagram and knowing I wanted to finish it. Just a thought…not sure if it is really possible though. thanks! Appreciate all your deal finding ways!

  • Sarcarism

    Hey. That's an awesome video! Well done. I hope u had good time making it. I make funny videos every week. check me out if u have time and subscribe if u enjoy. X

  • Kelsey and Jonathan

    Hey Melea! Congrats on your first vlog!
    It was awesome for you to go and support them and film 😀
    I love running and doing road and trail races, but I don't know how I would do at something like this haha
    Thanks for giving us a little tour around the set! "now I need to fix my shirt" hahahaha
    And you have a very beautiful voice 🙂

    My wife and I recently started vlogging on here and I just stumbled across your channel and wanted to stop in and share the love! We have received so much support on here since we started and I just wanted to share that with you 🙂

    Keep up the great work and keep vlogging!

  • Nelson At The Helm

    Congrats on starting!!! 😀 Great vlog. We just started a few weeks ago and it's been a GREAT experience!! :)

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