Our Easter Tradition with Kids! (Focusing on the Savior)

Our Easter Tradition with Kids! (Focusing on the Savior)
Somehow Easter has become about candy, eggs and bunnies. So I wanted to share some of my ideas on celebrating the savior on Easter Sunday instead of the Easter Bunny. It helps our family understand the true meaning of Easter and has ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓ turned into one of our favorite Easter Traditions for our kids! It truly is one of the easiest ways to teach your kids about easter, the crucifixion and the resurrection all in a way they can understand.

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Resurrection Eggs are IMO the best way to help your kids understand Easter! While doing this last year, my kids were asking so many questions about the Easter Story… I was literally blown away. Such a great teaching moment! Each egg has a different symbol inside to help you tell the story and the booklet will give you guidance to help tell the story or give you a Bible Scripture Reference. AND–kids still get to hunt for the eggs–which is the fun part, right?

For older kids, you could also fill the eggs with actual scripture references and have them either put the story in order on their own and/or have them look up each scripture and take turns reading the Easter story as a family!


Resurrection Eggs are found in a few different places. So I will link you to a few different ones to help out:
1- http://freebies2deals.com/ResurrectionEggs
2- http://freebies2deals.com/ResurrectionEggs2
3- http://freebies2deals.com/ResurrectionEggs3

By the way, has anyone ever made Resurrection Cookies before?? I’ve seen them online and think I might try them this year too! Could be a great Sunday activity or even a Family Night activity to help teach kids what Easter is all about. If you have, let me know what recipe you used or link to one in the comment section. Thanks guys!

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  • Kelly Hofeling

    I love this. I never thought of how much I lacked having the Savior in Easter. My daughter is only 1 this Easter so I am going to head to Deseret Book and look for a resurrection themed board book for her. I love those resurrection eggs for when she gets older!

  • Humbird Mom

    I found little plastic Crosses made out of the same material as the eggs and wrote the Scripture….He Is Risen Matthew 28:6 on construction paper and on the back used stickers that I have that say He Lives!

  • Rhonda Miller

    I love the resurrection eggs and my family and I have used them for years. We also have a matching game where you match a part of the scripture story with the corresponding picture.

  • mrsjbagby

    I made my own set a couple years ago. I studied that part of the bible and focused on what I thought made the most sense for my little ones (same ages as yours). We do Easter Bunny type Easter on Saturday, then focus solely on the Resurrection on Sunday with the egg hunt and story before church.

  • Susan Kinzer

    Pinterest has a lot of ideas that we use, coloring pages, little books, etc, for our discussions about Easter

  • Claudia Costello

    Wow this is a pretty good idea, yes Jesus Christ is the One and only we need to celebrate on Easter. He lives and kids need to understand the true meaning of Easter. Thank you for doing this.

  • The Genesis Journey

    Great idea! I will definitely cut up a scripture and put it in individual eggs so the older kids can figure it out. One thing you can also do is have the kids do a skit or sing a song for the adults.

  • Mommy and Geeks Wife

    This is a great idea I will have to add to your traditions too! Thanks for sharing. My kids are also 6 and 3- we always make the "resurrection rolls" for breakfast and tell the story as we make them! 🙂 you can find the recipe on pinterest!

  • J Swick

    Resurrection cookies or Easter Story cookies are another way to incorporate the true meaning of Easter with use of the Bible and it's all about what Jesus did for all of us. It is great, cause you get the kids to participate in making the cookies and understanding the scripture by use of simple ingredients.

  • Tina Heaton

    I made my own resurrection eggs many years ago that we still use every year. I have 5 children ranging in ages from 13-4. Our Easter baskets are Sunday/Christ related. For instance in years past we have done a temple puzzle, ctr jewelry (bracelet, necklace), a tie tac for the boys, Book of Mormon character figurines to go along with a Book of Mormon board book, a new scripture bag, new scripture marking pencils, a new book mark. We usually put one big thing (game, scripture tote,book) with 1-2 small things (book mark, tie tac, ctr jewelry) and what little room is left some candy. i shop for these things all year. After Christmas is the best time! This year for my 3 older kids I am giving them a book by H.B. Moore. She has taken people out of the scriptures and turned their life into a historical fictional story. I've got Queen Esther, Abinadi and Ammon. Hoping these books will remind my kids that these people we often read about were real!

  • Morgan McRory

    We did this growing up as kids every year and we just did it with all the grandkids (my children and their cousins). We homemade ours in less than an hour (for freeeee!), and it worked perfectly! Highly recommend!

  • Julie Suazo

    If you are LDS or even if you aren't LDS.org has a link to a magazine called the Friend and in the march 2016 edition under One Step Closer to Easter they have a whole week worth of great Easter ideas and they have resurrection egg ideas with scriptures!

  • Mannard Mann

    There's no "J" in Hebrew.. and The Messiah ROSE LATE ON SABBATH (Saturday) not SUNDAY.. So continue justifying pagan worship however you like.

  • Marisa Humble

    I remember growing up doing this in Sunday school. There is also a fun game Easter/Resurrection Bible Bingo Game. Free printable online. #just subscribed. In the process of watching all your shows. Love your show! Thank you again for sharing. All have been helpful!!

  • Deborah Dreany

    Thank you for sharing your faith! When my kids were little, I would always include a little children's book (with pictures of course) about the resurrection of Jesus and a chocolate cross. I wish they had resurrection eggs back in the day. $

  • Melissa Lee

    We have 2 "sets" of kids. The olders are 12-18 years old and the younger will be 3 in May. I forgot about the resurrection eggs. We had them for our older kids. I will put them on my next shopping list. They are a great way to tell the story of Jesus! Thanks for the reminder.$$

  • Hayli H.

    Totally agree with you! Those eggs are such a good idea.. I have never heard of them before  would be so easy to make too. I love this!

  • Bernadette Garcia

    i made my own a few years ago. we had a prayer garden throughout lent that we paved with stones ( everytime the kids fought or were naughty etc, all the way up to the cross, so by good friday it was like a cobblestone path that Jesus would have walked all rack and ruin, so they could see how the blood of Christ fell on our sins and washed themmaway, and on easter morning they'd come out to greenery planted in the prayer garden to show that by His death and resurection we have new life in Him.

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