Retailers are Being Sneaky about this Price Matching Tip!

Retailers are Being Sneaky about this Price Matching Tip!
Price Matching will help you save thousands a year! But there’s actually a new Price Matching Tip you need to know about because Retailers are being a little sneaky about it. If you didn’t know, Walmart, Target and Best Buy all Price Match and have some sort of Price Matching Guarantee or Price Matching Policy. So today I’m gonna share with you the price matching tip that a lot of people don’t know yet! Don’t forget to “LIKE” this video and subscribe to my channel for more money-saving tips in the future!


If you want to score the Instax Mini 8 Camera Deal I talked about in the video, you can find it here:
Deal can end at anytime. Please comment and let me know when it has so I can update this section. Thanks!

You’ll also want to make sure you have watched my “Super Easy Budgeting Trick” Video: That way, you’ll know how to take all of the money you’ve saved from Price Matching and save it for things you have on a bucket list or wish list!

Best Buy Price Match Policy:

Target Price Match Policy:

Walmart Price Match Policy:

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  • Keeping up with Mrs. Elektra

    Thanks hun for the info cause i was dying for that camera i need for my collage wall.

  • Nicole Nelson

    I do this all the time, but beware that not all stores will price match their own websites. The Children's Place turned me down once, telling me it was an online only deal :(

  • Pennies into Pearls

    Price match is SO awesome! I am all about it and stacking coupons and rebate offers all to get the ultimate lowest price! Love your video as always! 💜 thanks for the reminder to price match!

  • Ruanda1992

    Does anyone know of a good price match app I could use? I already use Ibotta. I'm not from the US so price matching is a completely new thing to me. I think I need a beginners guide lol. I live in Salt Lake and coupons and price matching seems huge here. I would love to start but it all seems so overwhelming to learn.

    • Saving Cent by Cent - Lisa Park

      +Ruanda1992 The Walmart Savings Catcher app is good to use if you aren't already using it. But it doesn't ad match all of the stores around you, so I wouldn't just rely on that app. Favado and Flipp are apps that show you what's on sale each week so it will help you to know what to price match. And has a weekly best groceries to price match list. I hope that helps!

  • greatjmw

    ShopSavvy is a great app for pricematching via barcode scanning. You scan an item's barcode while in the store, and it pulls up prices from other local stores & from online sources too. And barcode scanning makes it a LOT easier to be sure you're pulling up the exact same product when you ask for a pricematch, because sometimes products are very similar, and the stores always want to make sure you're comparing the exact same item. I use ShopSavvy at Best Buy all the time (on an iPhone – I don't know if it's available for Android). RedLaser is another app (that some of the employees at my local Best Buy use), but I haven't had a great deal of success with that one.

  • Benjamin Ram

    Great tip – it is important to note that I've tried this at Best Buy & though it works well, many of the salespeople don't know the pricing difference with online and it is really important to go into the store well armed with product specifics since sometimes they are slightly different between the store & online.  Keep up the great tips.

    • The Melea Show

      +Amberly Ostler Thanks! I think those are the ones that people just contribute on their own? I pay to have them done professionally and should be up soon! Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

    • Karyn Taylor

      +The Melea Show I apologize, I am new to this YT thing, but why do the closed captions appear to have a white fog on them? To get it clear, do I subscribe to a certain service? Is it a computer setting?

    • The Melea Show

      +Melissa Piper I purchased this at the beginning of the week at $59.99. That is the final price. But it also comes with a Free box of film. Im pretty sure the Amazon price isn't including that with it. And it's about a $15 difference, like I was talking about in the video.

  • missrox 1111111

    walmart in my area will pull items from the shelves that another store has in paper for sale so you can not price match the items anyone else have that in their area ?

  • Orly C

    yes I always price match, hubby laughed at first then after seeing how much we save, he likes what he sees. how do you like the Instax camera? love that baby pink.

  • Eagleplayer51

    When I am at Walmart, I try to look at multiple websites for other stores to make sure I get the best deal! $

  • Ashley Martinez

    This is always a helpful tip to remember. I usually forget to look online as well. I'm all about the cheapest deal! $

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