Secrets to Using the Target Cartwheel App!

Secrets to Using the Target Cartwheel App!
You might have been using the Target Cartwheel App, but do you know how to save the most money using it? I’m sharing my secret tips to using the Target Cartwheel App to help you get deeper discounts on items like groceries, clothing and even toys! ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

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💻Don’t have a web-enabled cell phone or tablet to take with you to Target? That’s ok! Just head here on your computer: Pick beforehand what offers you want to add to your Cartwheel, and print out your barcode on a piece of paper to give to the cashier. Your barcode will always stay the same. So you can actually keep a copy of your barcode in your purse or wallet to use anytime you want!

Also….Don’t forget that you can STACK or COMBINE regular coupons with any Target Cartwheel App discounts. You can even pay with your Target RED Debit Card to get an additional 5% off! (If you don’t have a Target RED Card, get the debit card version ASAP over here:
It links directly to your checking account like a regular debit card. No credit is pulled. It’s amazing and will score you 5% off and Free shipping every single day on as well.)

🎯Navigating the Target Cartwheel App Secrets:

#1: Toggle on the Menu Bar at the top to order offers by newest, highest-off discount, trending or expiring.

#2: Check the “Collections” section for discounts all on the same type of themed items like “Back to School”, “Valentine’s Day” or even “4th of July”. I always find discounts in those sections I didn’t see elsewhere on the app!

#3: Don’t forget to check the fine print of EACH Cartwheel offer. They all have different rules and will show offer exclusions/inclusions. It’s the fastest way to see exactly what the Target Cartwheel offer can be used on. And sometimes it can be used on brands you didn’t think it could be to begin with. It’s always good to double check the fine print.

#4: Anytime you go to a specific category, it will automatically take you to the “newest” offers. Make sure you toggle the Menu Bar at the top of that screen to see the discounts that you are most interested in.

#5: Cartwheel offers can typically be stacked on top of sale and clearance items, unless the fine print on that particular offer excludes it. It’s a great way to save even more money!

✨Additional *BONUS* Tip Not Mentioned in the Video: Use the Barcode Scanner within the Target Cartwheel app to see if there is a Cartwheel offer available for it. It’s a great time-saver when you are in a hurry.

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  • Jodi Petersen

    My favorite part of the cartwheel is the scan item option. I don't have to scroll through the lists of offers and instead just scan the items I am buying and it will tell me if there is a cartwheel offer for them.

  • Brittany Adams

    I love the Cartwheel app! I never remember to sort by discount, so I'll have to do that. My favorite deal using the Cartwheel app was the time I got the trifecta: the item (It was awhile ago, I can't remember what it was!) was on sale, I had a manufacturer's coupon, and there was a Cartwheel! I earned a badge and a new spot on my Cartwheel and I felt awesome for saving the maximum possible. I probably read about the deal on your email, now that I think about it, haha.

  • Camille Rhoades

    You didn't show my favorite feature…the barcode search! I always scan everything I'm buying before checkout just to be sure. I love cartwheel…the best deal I've ever gotten? Maybe the game chair that was on clearance for 50% off and the a 30% cartwheel or the toys and candy at Christmas half off!

  • Laurel Ford

    The best deal I scored was a $150.00 wool rug for $13!! It was returned from an online purchase so it was marked way down plus they had a sale on rugs and a cartwheel on top of it as well as my target debit card. I LOVE the cartwheel app!

  • snerek

    Thanks for the entry! I once paired my cartwheel deal, with already lower priced cherokee shorts for boys, plus saved an additional 5% off with my target red card =) it cost me around $4 for each each pair of nice cargo shorts for boys.

  • Katie Anderson

    I love Cartwheel so much! I am also a big fan of the scan barcode feature. I just scan everything in my cart at the end to make sure there weren't any secret cartwheels I didn't know about. I am always surprised how many of them have a cartwheel! I have scored big on diapers, clothes, toys, just everything. I got 3 hams for 50% off and so much more!

  • Yesenia Lopez

    I scored a really good deal I pod touch plus on top of cartwheel I got a $50 Gift card love Target Cartwheel and love Gift Card offers!!

  • Amelia Hill

    I love using the app for everything, but I use it every time I have to purchase toiletry items (soap, lotion, etc. – never pay full price!) and vitamins. I love it at Christmastime. I got an excellent discount on a bike for my little one last year. I've used it for a long time, but never noticed that I can sort it by discount at the top. Awesome tip!

  • Christa W.

    Thanks for the video! Super helpful. I was wondering about the scanner? I heard that instead of adding coupons to your cart you could just scan everything and if it had a coupon it would pop up. I haven't tried this. I'm more of a run into Target without much before planning and thought process.

  • Patricia Chauza

    thanks for the video! I've had at app for awhile but I kind of just stumbled through using it…so now I should be able to get more awesome deals. Thanks.

  • Kristine Grunander

    My best Target Cartwheel purchase was a box of Cheez it puff chips. They were on cartwheel for 20% off and then i have a coupon on top of it! Great deal. I dont shop at Target without using Cartwheel.

  • Heather Boss

    At Christmas they had a 50% off a different toy every day since thanksgiving and I scored 2 toys on my kids' lists at half off!!!

  • Aimee Ritchie

    Women's clothes! I got a sweater one time for so cheap. I used the cartwheel app, a mobile coupon and a printable coupon. It was awesome!

  • Mandi Waite

    Great video! You explained everything very well. I love using the app to find toy and clothing deals and I love scanning products in store to see if they are on the app and I missed them

  • Morgan McRory

    I used a 20% off Cherokee Children's Clothes on top of 50% off Clearance clothes! I got A bunch of 3T shorts for this coming summer for under $1.30 a pair and some really cute T-Shirts for about that as well!

  • Aimee Cutler

    You can also scan a product with the app to see if it's got an offer on cartwheel. I love that. If it doesn't, it'll suggest something close to it, in another brand. :)

  • Laura Doty

    I'm sad I don't live near a Target! The nearest one is an hour and a half away. Do they have any deals with the app that apply online? When we move after college, I'll be sure to check out the high discounts and the food deals.

  • Rachelle Nicoll

    One of the best deals I got was when the Merona cardigans were on sale for $15. I was able to use a 20% discount with Cartwheel AND stack a printable coupon from the Target website for $5 off $25 apparel purchase. So I got 2 of my favorite Merona cardigans (regularly $22.99 each) for $19 total! ($9.50 each!) I love Cartwheel! I also love the scan tool in the Cartwheel app, that allows me to scan a tag and quickly see if there's an additional discount on something I was already planning on getting.

  • Elizabeth Jones

    I hope to score some good deals on birthday gifts and groceries as I start using it. I also hope to save some on diapers using the cartwheel app. Diapers are so expensive. Thanks for the chance and thanks for the great helps on the cartwheel app!–Elizabeth J.

  • Allie Blackham

    Once they had a 50% off Cartwheel for my favorite sheets, so I got a nice set of king sheets for around $25. Awesome!

  • Claudia Costello

    I normally use the Cartwheel app, I love it. Last year I saved on Cherokee Uniform for my son, if I remember correctly I ended up paying $5 for shirts and $8 for pants. Awesome. Love your show by the way.

  • Y Miller

    I just recently added the added app, but didn't know about the redemption part. This video will help me navigate the app so much better! Thank you

  • Ashley Jacobson

    You didn't include the best feature! You can scan the barcode on things you're already buying to see if there is a coupon! I use the app all the time! The best was at Christmas. Between Cartwheel and the Wishlist app I got some awesome deals!

  • Janel Baker

    I used it to get an extra 20% off clothing– thankfully my store had a sign above the sale reminding me to check cartwheel!

  • Brooke R

    I used the app for the first time this week to score a great deal on a TV. The TV was on clearance, and then I was able to use the 10% off all TVs coupon on the app.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I don't have phone with Internet either,but we do have an I-pad so I download everything there and an bring my iPad along to scan at checkout.

  • Hannah Mueller

    The best deal I got was on kids clothes! Particularly pj's…I used a 50% off cartwheel on top of clearance markdowns! Love love love Cartwheel!!

  • Melissa Peinado

    Great app, but in my area, everyone uses it. So when I shop at my Target, most Cartwheel items are already sold out. Do you know if they do rain checks?

    • The Melea Show

      +Melissa Peinado I've never tried a raincheck. But they typically stock more than once a week. So you could always ask when a new shipment is coming in. If they do give you a raincheck on the cartwheel offer, let me know!

    • The Melea Show

      When you first start, it will limit how many offers you can have added at one time. The more you use it, it will unlock more room. Hope that makes sense!

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