Summer MUST-HAVES & Favorite Things for Summer!

Summer MUST-HAVES & Favorite Things for Summer!
I wanted to share my Summer MUST-HAVES and Favorite Things for Summer because I wouldn’t be a good friend if I kept them all to myself! And I literally use these 6 Summer Favorites throughout the Summertime every single year without fail They are the Best Things For Summer. Share YOUR favorite Summer MUST-HAVE Below! I love finding new awesome products and I know everyone else does. So don’t keep them to yourself!


✨Hydro Flask: Lots of different colors to choose from!

✨Sun Bum Sunscreens:

✨LUSH Buffy Bar:

✨Joico Deep Penetrating Reconstructor:

✨Maui Babe Browning Lotion:

✨Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Salt Spray:


🎥Walmart Grocery Pickup: Order Online and They’ll Bring Out Your Groceries to Your Car!

🎥Target Beauty Box vs Walmart Beauty Box –Which One Is Better?

🎥My Children’s Secret Weapon Against Getting Lost, Kidnapped or Just to Contact Me:

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  • The Melea Show

    WHAT IS YOUR favorite Summer MUST-HAVE?? COMMENT BELOW AND SHARE! I love finding new awesome products and hearing your FAVORITES! So don't keep them to yourself!😘😘

  • Leslie Miller

    There is also a Maui one that is an aloe, but helps after you've been sunburned that makes it so you don't peel and it will tan off. 🙂

    • aylaeh cline

      Angelica Olivas-Villarreal I am loving mine. Today I made hot tea at about 1130 am and it was still hot at 630 pm.

  • Carmen Hughes

    I think I've said before on one of your videos but I am never without leave in conditioner!!! I mix it with avocado oil and use it after I shower every time.

  • Megan C.

    I love using a cooler tote as a beach bag (keeps your towels cool, especially great here in St George…got the idea from another lady who was using her green Winder farms tote as a beach bag at the STG City Pool) but Costco sells a really pretty striped one for $6.99.I was using my winder farms bag but my son ripped it last year so I snagged the even cuter one Costco sells this Summer! I also love Target's UP & UP or Wal-mart's equate spray on sunscreens because the mist-er is a lot nicer than the name brands (but they smell AWFUL, worth it for the great mist, though).

  • TheManhands1

    Love the content but hectic family life makes the live videos hard for me to actually catch live. I always catch up as soon as I can though. And Maui Babe is one of my favorites too!

  • Shannon Ercanbrack

    I love the kids sunscreen on a stick to put on their faces. It is the best and saves from getting sunscreen in their eyes! I usually get the banana boat kids one or coppertone kids one….the western family stick leaves white marks.

  • Amy Smith

    I use the big Ikea blue shopping bag to tote stuff. It fits towels water toys etc for me and my four kids and is great for a quicker trip to the pool. Plus it's easy to clean out if it gets sandy!

  • Lana Slater

    I have a Takeya insulated water bottle I bought from Costco a couple weeks ago. I love it. It came in a two pack for $30 and holds 40oz. I love Melalueca brand sunscreen and bug repellent.

  • Karen Cc

    I used the Buffy bar for over 5 years and loved! I recently found a DUPE!! Its now my summer FAV. It's works just as good! I'm sold for only 7.99. It's called detox cellulite soap by the seaweed bath co. I got mine at Whole Foods!!

  • Laura Doty

    It's a little outside of the box, but I got an electric ice shaver for making shaved ice/snow cones for a present a while back, and I've LOVED having it for an inexpensive treat now that it's warming up!

  • Rachel Turner

    I use not your mothers beach babe shampoo and conditioner year around it's the cheapest shampoo and conditioner I've found that works for my curly hair! I'm going to try that sun bum I've heard awesome things about it lately

  • pinkglamprincess28

    Question: the items you feature in your videos, like these, are you able to use them as a tax write off, since you used them/featured them in your video?

  • LacqueredByLeslie

    My must have year around is the Original Chapstick. The black label Chapstick. Not only is it the best Chapstick out there but works amazingly on paper cuts! Takes the sting out immediately! Put it on a cut as soon as it happens & ur pain free!!

  • GoldenWolf

    Chanel Aqualumiere foundation is my go-to for summer!! It is a lightweight foundation but still gives good coverage 🙂

  • Clarisa Wanlass

    I love my Hydracentials Stainless Steel Water Bottle because it has a a straw in the lid! Stays ice cold all day. you can find it on Amazon.

    • The Melea Show

      It will come off in the pool a bit. I noticed that it doesn't come completely off after a dip in the pool–it's not like a semi-permanent or permanent color.

  • fashionlovinmama

    For the Maui Babe browning lotion will it help with fair skin tones that burn easy?? I've been trying to find a good self tanner that helps me look tan and I have found nothing that works on my skin tone.

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