Top 12 Things to Know For Your Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Vacation!

Top 12 Things to Know For Your Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Vacation!
This video will cover the top 12 things to know for your Atlantis Paradise Island Vacation! ⛱ This Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review will tell you everything to know before your vacation so you can have a great time, save money and pick the best things based on your family’s ages. As always, if you have any questions, ask me below in the comment section! Plus, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! (⬇Click SHOW MORE below⬇) ENJOY!💋


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  • Jenicia Beckstrand

    Best trip was to the Cayman Islands with a bunch of friends, all girls, before we all got married and moved away from each other. We did the same thing packed suitcases full of food! Oh and air mattresses and rented a house to save money. The whole trip was incredible and so much fun!

    • The Melea Show

      I did it all on my own. I waited for a deal and jumped on it when it popped up! Even got a $250 Resort Credit. 🙂

    • Nikki Jeske

      +The Melea Show That's awesome. I need to save some money somehow and get daring to do something like this. This looks like a lot of fun.

  • Becky Acton

    I LOVE traveling and am kinda obsessed with it ha but my favorite trip so far with my hubby is when we went to New York! I loved seeing all the iconic tourist attractions but the best part was the inside tips from a family member. We went to Carmines and it's amazing and of course Broadway was the highlight!!

  • Stephanie Dicorato

    My favorite vacation was Italy in my single days but my other favorite would be Cabo with my husband.

  • Ali Ellsworth

    My favorite vacation was going to Newport Beach with my family and just enjoying the sun and yummy food at crystal cove!

  • Kate Crandall

    The best vacation I've been on was to Hawaii 6 years ago with my husband. I was pregnant with my forst child so I couldn't do Really anything besides sit on the beach, but it was really pretty 🌴

  • Chelsee G

    Best vacation was disneyland with my husband. Partly because I LOVE disney and partly because we don't go on many vacations lol

  • Stacey Abraham

    We haven't been on a vacation in 8-9 years (clarification trips include children, vacations are kid free haha especially since we have 4 kiddos under the age of 6!) but we are going on our first cruise to Mexico this October for our 10 year wedding anniversary and we are so excited! Your trip looked so fun!

  • Amanda Shockley

    Orlando with my husband-it was for our honeymoon. We went to Wait Disney World,Universal, the beach. it was a dream come true.

  • Alicia Mathot

    My husband and I have been on two Disney cruises and they are absolutely our favorite relaxing vacations! No kids, just us 😉 it is absolutely possible to do it for less money, and once you're on the boat everything is included except alcohol, so no surprise expenses. We loved watching movies at the pool, going on water slides, seeing the shows, seeing special movie premieres while on the ship, the beds were heavenly and all of the food was amazing! Disney does it right, and makes sure to have plenty of adults-only activities to keep anyone busy! We were hardly aware of how many kids were on the ship :)

  • Lisa Bird

    Our best trip ever was to Hawaii. I love the magic of Disneyland too but Hawaii was just so relaxing and we got to spend good quality time together instead of running like crazy people to get to all of the rides. I liked Hawaii better than cruises because we could spend time exploring when we felt like it without the pressure of port times. We still fit a lot in but it was so nice to do it on our own schedule.

  • Susan Farmer

    We went to Australia a few years ago and visited the family of our foreign exchange student. We did Sydney and climbed the harbour bridge. Totally worth the expense! Also went to Great Barrier Reef and

  • Ashley Martinez

    My favorite memories as a child going on family vacations was when we would go to Disneyland as kids and we could ride all the rides, eat lots of candy and stay up so late. I would say that's where my love for Disney started. In fact when my husband and I had our first anniversary at Disneyland. I have started my 6 month old son on his love for Mickey Mouse all Disneyland. We are hoping to go for Christmas.

  • Stephani Howell

    I would have to say fiji! We went scuba diving there last year with my husband's family and it was amazing. I have to say I love all inclusive resorts so you didn't have to worry about budgeting meals and such while you're surprised to be relaxing!

  • Jessica Ludlow

    The best vacation I've ever been on was to Cancun the summer after I graduated HS with my family. But I didn't know my husband then so we didn't get to go together! My husband and I are really wanting to make vacations work for us. As a married couple the only vacation we've been only ourselves was a cruise for our honeymoon. Can't wait till we can vacation more!

  • Amy Winward

    Best vacation was spending the week on a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands! We scuba dived, snorkled and swam through some caves!!! So much fun!!! We are dying to go back!!

  • Janel Baker

    we have only been on one vacation- Estes Park, CO. And it was so fabulous!! 😀🌲🌄

  • bryansgyrl14

    My favorite vacation was to Hawaii, we went to Honolulu and the Polynesian Cultural Center was a blast. My kids loved the activities and the chance to learn about the differences in the cultures. Plus the scenery and weather was perfection! 💜

  • Kristy Holt

    We took a trip to San Diego several years ago that was very low-key- spent some time on the beach and went out for dinner. It was really nice.

  • Tosha Tatafu

    The best vacation we have ever been on included a week of Orlando disney and universal, and then a eastern carribbean Disney cruise. The cruise was amazing! Made possible by my mom and dad after my dad passed away, we are very lucky to have had the chance to go.

  • Nicole Davis

    My best vacation so far would be our trip to California before my second baby was born. We took our daughter to Disneyland, drove the coast and stayed in a small inn on the beach near San Fransisco (gorgeous!!), and then spent a couple days in San Fran where we went to a Major League Baseball game, toured the piers, and played at the beaches. It was so great to spend that special time with our daughter before baby #2 came.

  • Alix Nuss

    best vacation so far is Hawaii. loved the relaxed pace, beaches and seeing sea turtles! thanks for the tips!

  • megan frugone

    Our best trip was when we went to Disney world! It is one of our favorite places! I hope that we can get back and take our 2 year old soon!!

  • Jorge Tardugno

    Best vacation the first time we went to Disneylad!Still remember the faces of my daughters when they saw the princesses Priceless!!!

  • Bethmo9

    The best vacation I have ever taken is a trip to Vancouver Island – Victoria, Canada with my 5 sisters. We stopped in Seattle on the way. I loved spending time with my sisters and Vancouver Island is beautiful!

  • Carrie Lindow

    The best vacation I've had was a trip to Cozumel with my now husband, we are actually going back in two weeks to celebrate my husband's birthday and our anniversary! EEk, super excited!! This will also be our first long vacation away from our 8 month old daughter.

    Our first trip was my first time out of the country not on a cruise ship. We rented a jeep and got out of our resort to explore. We came across several tequila factories, mayan ruins and beautiful beaches that were not crowded at all!!

    Will be bringing the pepto, thanks for the tip!!

  • Michelle Dolliver

    Best vacation was to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. Already had everything booked, then found out I was pregnant with my first! Still had a great time even though I had to watch what I ate and had no yummy drinks!

  • Linsi Peck

    My favorite vacation was just a simple family trip to the beach. Normally I don't want to go to California without hitting up Disneyland, but the last time we went we just chilled and went to the beach and it was awesome and relaxing.

  • Laura Doty

    Just went to Yellowstone, and there's so much to see there! I also enjoyed going to the bahamas with my family when I was a kid. It was an all-inclusive resort, but didn't have the waterslides. We loved the beach and swimming with the exotic fish right off of our hotel though, and swimming up to get frozen drinks from the pool!

  • Melissa Higginson

    Oh I so need one of those cases!!! The best vacation I've been on was to the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta in Canada. The mall was super huge, and the indoor water park and amusement center were a blast!

  • Kristine Grunander

    We went to the Bahamas and Atlantis resort on a cruise a couple years back. I love this video! We are not thinking of taking our kids in a couple years.

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