VLOG: Cavalia, Dance Competition FAIL, Learning Portuguese and Kids First Limo Ride!

VLOG: Cavalia, Dance Competition FAIL, Learning Portuguese and Kids First Limo Ride!
Today’s VLOG is featuring the Cavalia Horse Show, Devyn’s Dual Immersion Portuguese Program, our Epic Dance Competition Fail and the Kids First Time in a Limo! Just a typical “Day in the Life” for us! Hope it entertains you! 😘 ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

For those of you who want to head to the Cavalia Horse Show in Sandy, Utah, I will warn that the tickets are expensive. But the quality is like you are going to a Las Vegas Show. So expect tickets to be similar to shows priced there. HOWEVER, tickets are cheaper if you go on Weeknight. And if you do want to take your older kids, their “Family Pack” option will save you up to 45%! For those of you who want to go with a bunch of other couples (at least 12 people total), you will get discounts on your tickets too. All info for Cavalia is over here: http://bmdr9285.www66-198-245-64.a2hosted.com/Cavalia

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