How We Did a 4-Night Family Vacation for Only $490 Total!

How We Did a 4-Night Family Vacation for Only $490 Total!
I’m always getting asked how we go on so many family vacations, how we afford vacations or tips for budget travel. So today, I’m sharing how we did a 4-night family vacation for only $490 Total! So if your family wants to put together a cheap summer vacation too, use these budget travel tips to get you started. Affordable vacations are totally possible!


✨If you have never used Airbnb before, use this link to get $40 Off any $75+ vacation rental: (After you’ve used your credit, use the referral section to share the link with your friends too! You’ll earn free credit to use on future family vacations! YAY!!)

✨VRBO currently doesn’t have any credits or coupon codes. But you can find their site and family vacation homes listed over here:


🎥Cheap Road Trip Hacks:

🎥What’s New at Disneyland? Guardians of the Galaxy and Summer of Heroes Information:

🎥Best Swimsuit for YOUR Body Type:

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  • Wehi Lau

    I just recently discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and you have quickly become one of my favorites ! I absolutely love your videos !!! I am always waiting to see one pop up on my feed🤗 thank you! Love the all you travel tips, I love to travel on go on fun vacations (not to mention, Disneyland is my jam!!! And I see it is also you and your family's aswell lol) and your videos having been giving me huge insight. Can't wait to go on a trip soon!

  • Heather Taylor

    Melea do you prefer VRBO or Air BnB? Also where did you stay in St. George? That looked perfect for our family trip next summer!!!

  • Kayleigh Kill

    You said St. George and my heart fluttered! My grandparents live there and I love visiting them! Zion is my favorite national park, and TUACAHN is so amazing!!!

  • Ami Mendoza

    i live in Miami so we always have the free ocean but i do agree with the VRBO.. it is the best. We rent a really big home with a pool in Orlando all the time. Really affordable and comfortable. especially if traveling with children and pets.

  • Amanda Owens

    To save money on vacation we try to bring or buy our food. Oh, and I watch for travel deals before hand.

  • Brynn Whitchurch

    We use VRBO anytime we can. If we have to stay in a hotel I always look for one with free breakfast

  • Morgan McRory

    I would LOVE to do a family reunion like that with my family! (490/4)/4 nights = ~$31/person/dayPretty good. Now I just gotta convince the fam to start saving

    • The Melea Show

      I've seen houses as low as $40 a night on VRBO and Airbnb—might not be as nice of a place. But cheap places are definitely out there depending on what you are looking for. The house was big enough for everyone to have their own bed between 5 families. But we've done something with 2 or 3 families and the cost has been really similar!

    • The Melea Show

      It was a preview night special–the night before the official opening of the parade. But last year they did a special for July… so just sign up for their emails and check their website for deals.

  • MMS Alketbi

    😫😫😫 I hope that I saw your video before we spend 2000AED which is about 550$ for just 2 days .

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